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Party was May 18th, 2019

Little Tikes® is turning 50 and wants you to celebrate in a BIG way with the World’s Biggest Playdate! So get ready to PLAY BIG with your own version of the World’s Biggest Playdate with Little Tikes iconic toys like the Cozy Coupe®, First Slide, Easy Score™ Basketball Set, Tot Sports™ T-Ball Set and more. Be ACTIVE and PLAYFUL through DISCOVERY…TOGETHER!

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Visa Gift Card (to purchase the toys from your favorite retailer)
  • Little Tikes party crowns
  • Little Tikes photo props
  • Activity game
  • And more
Little Tikes®
2 months ago
Thanks for your interest in participating in the Little Tikes® World’s Biggest Playdate. We received an enormous response, and unfortunately could not accept everyone. However, that...
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Rana Labout 1 month ago
We had a ball! Absolute hours of fun. We even met parents who's never heard of Little Tikes, who were so happy to see their little ones playing tball , they went to Wal-Mart and got them a set. I feel proud and happy to spread the word on,how interactive, safe and sturdy Little Tikes products can be. Thank you Ripple Street for the opportunity
User headshot
Amanda Aabout 1 month ago
We had a great time even though it rained! The kids still played and my baby loves the swing. I cannot get her out of it!
User headshot
Megan Rabout 1 month ago
My daughters would love this! One of their birthdays is coming up!
User headshot
sheelu27141f985about 1 month ago
My kids would definitely enjoy this party pack !
User headshot
clarissawaltzabout 1 month ago
We love Little Tikes!
User headshot
Alexa Fabout 1 month ago
This was amazing thank you!
User headshot
Isa Babout 1 month ago
The Playdate was great! Weather wasn’t cooperative though was raining for days prior but didn’t stop us from celebrating and Playing! hours of fun. Thank you so much for the opportunity Love Little tikes!
User headshot
kathleen_glowenabout 1 month ago
Awesome party! Rain put a damper on the water table however plenty of fun to be had with basketball.
User headshot
AJ Cabout 1 month ago
My son and friends enjoy this party pack!
User headshot
Maddie Sabout 1 month ago
Our kids, niece, nephew, and friends' children would enjoy this party pack! New to Ripple Street, but this looks fun!