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Party will be May 18th, 2019

Little Tikes® is turning 50 and wants you to celebrate in a BIG way with the World’s Biggest Playdate! So get ready to PLAY BIG with your own version of the World’s Biggest Playdate with Little Tikes iconic toys like the Cozy Coupe®, First Slide, Easy Score™ Basketball Set, Tot Sports™ T-Ball Set and more. Be ACTIVE and PLAYFUL through DISCOVERY…TOGETHER!

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Visa Gift Card (to purchase the toys from your favorite retailer)
  • Little Tikes party crowns
  • Little Tikes photo props
  • Activity game
  • And more


Little Tikes®
about 12 hours ago
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User headshot
User headshot
Sarah Sabout 6 hours ago
I also received the error. I am extremely disappointed.
User headshot
Amy Babout 7 hours ago
Wow, couldn't be more bummed. Was at the docs office with my daughter and missed out. She got diagnosed with autism today. Got home checked email got the exciting email we was in...Then not in..It lifted up spirits and now just uh.....what way end the day!
User headshot
Stevie Gabout 8 hours ago
I've never been picked
User headshot
Athena Babout 9 hours ago
Now that it finally loads, I can’t even send out invites anymore😭 was super excited about getting the email saying we were selected😭😭😭💔
User headshot
timmy Mabout 10 hours ago
What really sucks is my kids birthday is 5 days before the party 😭😭😭
User headshot
Bobbie Babout 3 hours ago
I received and email saying I was in then logged on and said oops all filled? Plz explain
User headshot
jjort4about 6 hours ago
I was accepted and tried to get in. I wanted in this one so badly.
User headshot
Heather Babout 8 hours ago
Not sure what happened. Click on the email within an hour of receiving the selected email but it kept saying error and now it says that I wasn’t fast enough. I’m so bummed! 😔
User headshot
rojas_1007about 9 hours ago
Bummer. I was selected, but I was not fast enough to fill everything out. Big congrats to everyone who gets to host!!! :)
User headshot
kassandra Sabout 10 hours ago
Congratulations to everyone chosen and best of luck on the next campaign for those who weren’t!