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Party Day was January 13th, 2018

Bring your friends together for a special night as you give them the chance to experience the perfect balance of taste, flavour and aroma with Twinings® Herbal Teas. Brilliantly blended by nine master blenders, Twinings® Herbal Teas are a mouthwatering infusion of the world’s finest herbs, fruits and spices. Your friends will love tasting Twinings® new Berry Fusion™, Buttermint™ and Lemon Delight™ herbal teas at your party. They're the perfect complement to a great night in with your closest friends.

This event is only open to residents of Indiana & Michigan.

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Stacy F3 months ago
Very classy to send a coupon even if I wasn't selected to be a host. Makes me proud that Twinings is my tea brand of choice.
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chervante4 months ago
Loving all the flavors and the sugar sticks were a nice added bonus
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Terri T4 months ago
Loved the Buttermint! I don't usually like mint teas but this one wasn't overpowering. Guests liked it too!!
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christinamckee12224 months ago
The party was a great success!! We had great tea and honey stirers while also doing a pajama party😉😁
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lauralepper5 months ago
My spouse & I tried our 1st cup last night I hade the buttermint him the lemon ginger it was the best date ever we couldn’t stop drinking it both were so delicious!!! No caffeine and we are now addicted we can’t wait for the party or to go to the store & discover more flavors!!!
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mom2kiddos3 months ago
Thank you to Twinnings for sending me a coupon for a dollar off any one of your teas. I selected the Buttermint, which is the one I wanted to buy for the House Party, if I'd been accepted. The Buttermint is really good! Thanks!!
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Samantha M4 months ago
still loving and sharing the teas
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yocobra14 months ago
My Party was AWESOME! Most of my guests loved the Lemon Delight and the Berry Fusion. My birthday is coming up soon, so I plan on hosting another Twinings Tea Party for my BFF's.
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sarah k4 months ago
We liked a lot of the flavors and I had a lot of people ask me where they can buy the honey stirrers
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Shannon A4 months ago
My party has to be postponed- I live in central Indiana. The roads are to treacherous to have my ladies in. I will post my photos later when my party happens. Totally bummed- stupid weather!!