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Party will be April 13th, 2019

Invite your friends over for a British-style tea party fit for a queen featuring Tetley® British Blend Tea available at Walmart. Your friends will love the royal treatment they'll receive on Party Day as you serve them rich, bold and flavorful cups of this authentic British black tea.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Box of Tetley® British Blend Tea
  • And more
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Sandra Babout 11 hours ago
I'm always excited to try a new brand of tea and Tetley looks to be a great choice! I'm very impressed with the price, such a great value for the money! I can definitely see myself having some at breakfast or just as a great way to relax.
User headshot
diannaabout 12 hours ago
Omg! Love love love!!
User headshot
misty48507about 12 hours ago
love tea
User headshot
Jayjay01about 13 hours ago
It really excites me to try british tea and feel like I could be having a royal experience
User headshot
Emily Fabout 13 hours ago
I'm excited for the full bodied black tea flavor, I plan on trying it with a blueberry scone first thing in the morning!
User headshot
Sheilaabout 1 hour ago
Would be a great party to host! Good luck everyone!
User headshot
diannaabout 12 hours ago
I love the taste of this teas and the variety of options! Hot tea is what I drink in the afternoon to keep me awake and alert at workZ
User headshot
Rosalie Fabout 12 hours ago
I love tea, all kinds, I'm excited to try this tea.
User headshot
leahwarner1963about 12 hours ago
I am waiting to try this. I drink tea all the time.
User headshot
Michelle Sabout 13 hours ago
I am super excited about reminiscing on my time in England by hosting a proper tea party!