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Party will be October 13th, 2018

Join the Teavana™/🅪 Tea Party! We hope you’re excited to explore the vibrant layers of flavor in Teavana Teas and share them with your friends and family. Teavana inspires everyone to discover layers of flavor through creative flavor combinations and premium quality ingredients crafted by tea masters. Visit your local Target store to bring home a flavor adventure with Teavana new hot tea sachets and bottled iced teas.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Target Gift Card to purchase Teavana Tea for your party
  • Discount coupons for you and your guests
  • And more
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amanda r19 minutes ago
I would love to take part in the Teavana teas program
User headshot
Abbey Habout 1 hour ago
Target has things other department stores dont have... Starbucks, awesome clearance, and music!!
User headshot
alexandra.reisnerabout 2 hours ago
Target is a dangerous place -- you walk in for a three-hole punch and walk out with three new dresses and a lamp. I love that there's Teavana iced tea in the refrigerated cases just steps from the register. It's the perfect refreshment after some serious shopping!
User headshot
nancy wabout 3 hours ago
Target is by far my favorite place for everything from food to household goods to my children’s clothing.
User headshot
supermom200044about 3 hours ago
It's my go to place
User headshot
Heather5 minutes ago
Target always has a lot of good deals on things I need.
User headshot
kmdiaz12644 minutes ago
Love shopping at target 🎯 always come out with everything and more then I need
User headshot
Kimbra Mabout 2 hours ago
Just like all the jokes, you can never drop by Target for a quick trip. You head in for one thing, see all the cute displays and ideas, find the household and beauty items you want, and all of a sudden you have a full cart. Teavana being available at Target is awesome! Sure beats going to the mall to get my refills!
User headshot
jcorn3rdabout 2 hours ago
I am a Major Target shopper.. Love finding those wonderful and unique finds and am Never disappointed
User headshot
Crystal Jabout 3 hours ago
We love Target and I have one only five minutes away. I never get out of there without buying something and I love the tea selection they have.