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TAJIN® Clásico Seasoning adds authentic flavor and joy into the moments you share with family and friends. TAJIN® is spicy flavorful, not spicy hot. It’s the unique blend of mild chili peppers, sea salt and lime in TAJIN® that makes what's good taste even better.

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TAJIN® Clásico Seasoning
7 months ago
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Deedee L3 months ago
Oh I just discovered tajin, and we are so addicted now. I bought a few mini bottles that me and my kids carry in our bags, and we have two house bottles. It's on everything now. I would like to try some interesting cocktails using it.
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Sheila H4 months ago
Will love to try it i love to cook am I am good at what I do so I am open to try a different kind of seasoning for a different taste and style
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Veronica B6 months ago
My family loves Tajin! I use it to prepare mexican street style corn, I eat it with watermelon, mango, I make mango chamoy frozen treats and I use Tajin too. I made mango margaritas and I used Tajin on the glass rim, too many ways to enjoy Tajin, I love it!
User headshot
Chelsea A6 months ago
Absolutely one of my favorites, i use it daily!
User headshot
Tiffany k6 months ago
This was fun, we used it poolside with our snacks and adult beverages!!! Delicious!!!
User headshot
Angela Cabout 1 month ago
I'm not a fan but My 6 year old Nephew is a big fan of it & he puts it on anything & everything. He love spicy things but I don't.
User headshot
Cristy R3 months ago
I love spice on my food and I would love to try this.
User headshot
Sheila H4 months ago
Will love to try it I am open to try different items to season my food in a whole different taste
User headshot
Brent R6 months ago
Great seasoning ... can’t go wrong with it
User headshot
jor946 months ago
Delicious, especially on watermelon.