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Party Day was August 19th, 2017

Get your friends together and challenge your little ones to an off-and-running obstacle course! Teach them the features and benefits of our latest SRtech™ collection, while encouraging rookie walkers to reach new heights. The Stride Rite® SRtech™ collection is designed with rounded edges for improved balance, memory foam for all-day comfort, oversize openings for easy-on and secure closures for a snug fit. Plus, they’re made with a tread design that allows for added flexibility. Share the Stride Rite® quality and vision with your friends by introducing them to the SRtech™ collection, and show them a great time with a fun obstacle course, shoe fittings and more when you host the Stride Rite® House Party.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

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lizwarren169 months ago
Anyone's guests get their shoes yet?
User headshot
Maria Z9 months ago
Stride rite shoes are amazing! Cant wait for the guests to come for the party tonight
User headshot
Shannon W9 months ago
Anyone know which shoes are included witho coupon in the books? Is it just the bailey bootie? I have some friends who's kids wear size 8 and 10 in toddler
User headshot
Dana S10 months ago
Omg! Just got our AMAZING party pack! Did you all look in the booklets? Free shoes! My mommas ate going to love it! Thank you!
User headshot
vikkiandwender10 months ago
I can't wait to host my #sponsored #striderite party. The box was filled with goodies.
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ho18859 months ago
I was unable to get my last two activities to post due to hurricane Irma...who did I contact to do so?
User headshot
haug.second9 months ago
DOES ANYONE have any sizing tips? the sizes seem so close together. I think my son (when he held still) is between 5 and 6. the first shoes i got for him were 5's so now i am wondering if they are too small!! So hard to tell. should i just get a 6 then? i want them to last!
User headshot
Angele C9 months ago
I love these shoes. Even my son loves them. He tries to wear them all day long.
User headshot
daisy1610199 months ago
Anybody have codes they aren't going to use? I have mama friends who didn't get one at my party.
User headshot
Teresa M10 months ago
I am so excited for all my friends kids to get new shoes! Seriously, that's a huge gift for them!