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Party Day was November 14th, 2015

Make a wish and meet the Star Darlings, Disney's new original tween franchise! Disney Star Darlings is all about inspiring girls to make positive choices, to be their true selves and to go after their dreams, because anything is possible! At your Disney Star Darlings House Party, everyone will join the Star Darlings on a magical adventure full of wish granting and fun! Introduce your guests to the Star Darlings and transport your daughter and her friends to the magical world of Starland, through books, a new app, webisodes and more! At your party, everyone will talk about their favorite story moments, accessorize like cosmic Starlings, jam to the Star Darlings band, share their deepest wishes and dreams and get creative by making their own Star Darlings inspired video.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

Star Darlings © Disney

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Shannon Sover 2 years ago
My daughter did her party at school with her class, so I didn't get pictures since I wasn't there, but I did get a group photo. My daughter loved it and the teacher liked how she was introducing a book to her class for the girls to read.
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lisaalcala10over 2 years ago
This was a nice girl party, we had pictures but I lost my camera :( Thank you house party everyone had a blast. #DisneyStarDarlingsParty
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stacievisserusaover 2 years ago
My girls are loving the books! Thanks again.
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Jenn Cover 2 years ago
We all had so much fun - the girls enjoyed all the activities in their folder, making the craft and coloring their hair with the hair chalk! When's the next party?? :-)
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ab_fisherover 2 years ago
All the girls had so much fun at the Star Darlings girl party. We even did hair and makeup to match:-)
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Ashleyover 2 years ago
Random Thought- I hosted our party back in November and the girls are still talking about it. I've had moms asking me the book names and also if the show was on DVD to buy as a Christmas gift.
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bzperez10over 2 years ago
These awesome characters are inspiring to my girls and all their little friends, Thanks so much for making us a part of this amazing party!!!!
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Shana Mover 2 years ago
Our girls are loving the books, sharing the wishing stars and making fun hair dos with the colored chalk! Totally got caught up in the excitement and didn't take a photo! But so much fun!
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brandideetsover 2 years ago
We have enjoyed reading the Star Darlings books, can't wait to purchase the next ones. The uniqueness of each character maintains the interest of my daughter. I would love to post our video from the party but am still unable to figure out how to shrink the size so that I can send it from my phone to my computer. Thanks for a wonderful party!
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lorrieleekelleyover 2 years ago
Everyone had a great time. They all love this story and had a fun time making crafts and dying their hair :)