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Party Day was December 16th, 2017

It’s the best time of year to host parties! But with so many parties, it’s hard to make your holiday get-together special, right? Wrong! With 7UP®, Canada Dry®, RITZ, OREO, TRISCUIT, HONEY MAID, and Target, you’ll have all of the inspiration, recipes and decorations you’ll need to make your celebrations the best of the year!

Apply today for the chance to host one of these Sip, Snack Hooray Parties:

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party: where silly fashion makes for seriously good times
  • Winter Wonderland Party: a fabulous adults-only night that flirts with fun and fancy
  • Holiday Pajama Party: a cozy, laid-back brunch gets you on the nice list
  • Glitter & Gold Party: all that glitters is good when you cheer in the New Year

Sip, Snack Hooray Party themes will be randomly assigned to selected hosts and all are guaranteed to be an awesome time, so apply today!

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

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Sky1235 months ago
Had such a good time at my party
User headshot
Kathy5 months ago
My son is sick so now I have to postpone my party :(
User headshot
msklpowell5 months ago
But my yearly Christmas party is that date anyway. so i will still post my pictures for you.... Sorry, you didn't invite guests fast enough and all host slots have been filled.
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jessenia2716 months ago
While everyone having package mine still not here .. it was suppost to be here Friday it Monday n ups keep taking my packages! Sad anyone else having this problem with ups!
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DuAnne A6 months ago
im a costumer (any excuse, yo) so I've decided on top of the theme of #sipsnackhoorayparty I've thrown another theme. 1950/60's Cocktail Party. All of my guests have been encouraged (and seem eager to comply) to dress in their favourite retro outfit. Decor will be fabulous and vintage. We'll be trying new (thanks to the recipe cards) and retro-inspired snacks and drinks courtesy #Nabisco #Canadadry #7up. CAN. NOT. WAIT! Anyone else going outside the box with their party and taking it to "11"?
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samplensisters5 months ago
Check out my Blog Post about our Sip Snack Hooray Party http://samplenblog.samplensisters.com/2018/01/houseparty-sip-snack-hooray-new-years.html
User headshot
Erika L5 months ago
Found a winter wonderland punch that i am going to try for my party! so excited!!!
User headshot
Paula A5 months ago
Working on the Ugly Sweater Oreo Cookie balls. My kids love decorating them!
User headshot
jessenia2716 months ago
Sadly my ups deliver person fail me... they said deliver in my front door .. when look and guess what nothing .. I’m sure someone stoled it less what 20 min like come one no one knocked our door nothing sadly ready sucks .. hopefully I can get my replacement fingers cross!
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elisa s6 months ago
I had posted a few weeks back that I hope I get the pajama party pack but I got these ugly Christmas sweater pack and I love that just as much!