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Party will be December 1st, 2018

Turn up the fun with your friends and their significant others as you introduce them to Settle In bed sheets. Settle In creates solution-based sheets that make going to bed and staying there an amazing experience. Get ready for a night filled with engaging conversation starters, games and more as you and your guests share a little Pillow Talk and learn to have a better night’s sleep with Settle In.

NOTE: The Settle In Pillow Talk Party is different from other House Party events because if you are selected, you will go to the Settle In website to order your sheet set which you'll use on Party Day to show your guests. All applicants will receive a follow-up email on or about October 30th that will give all the details about the next steps.

This event is only open to residents of the U.S.A.

In addition to the sheet set you'll receive directly from Settle In, if you’re selected and confirmed as a host, you'll get another Party Pack that will contain:

  • Hot/Cold Eye Masks
  • Discount offers for guests
  • Coasters
  • A bottle of lotion
  • And more 
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tamaro426about 2 hours ago
I hope to get this party. Would love to host settle in pillow talk party
User headshot
Dawn Labout 4 hours ago
This would be so amazing to host this party! Have great sheets for the upcoming colder months would be nice. I'm always looking for great sheets. Cant get enough sheets. Lol! We all need to be comfy in this stressful world.
User headshot
auntvi2006about 8 hours ago
I am super excited about this settle in party.. I love comfy sheet that dont make me hot
User headshot
ayalawhy101about 9 hours ago
We co sleep with my 3yr old, it's like sleeping with a tornado that kicks and slaps. I hate that our sheets never stay put, I have re adjust everyday or place it back on the mattress. These boys are little ovens too so it doesn't help that the sheets get kicked off over and over all night.
User headshot
lonakay1about 10 hours ago
I can not wait! I have been talking about doing this, here could be my big chance! What a blast!
User headshot
Kristaabout 2 hours ago
Amazing! This is awesome!
User headshot
Hope Cabout 2 hours ago
I would love to sponsor a Settle In Pillow Talk Party! I'm on the hunt as we speak to changing the linens on all the beds in my home. My bed is cherished. It's not just a bed but my comfort zone, safe haven, baby maker, beauty sleep, sleep like a baby and my very own fountain of youth. Like always the party's are at my house. Why... bc I have the comfy passout beds with awesome sheets. Sheets are what make or break the bed. Especially the top sheet! I can't wait to spread the word!!
User headshot
Addie Dabout 7 hours ago
Gosh I would love to host this! I am in a lifelong relationship with my bed and would love to make it even more comfy!
User headshot
Jessica Babout 8 hours ago
I am super excited about this Settle In Party! I love comfy sheets! I hope I get chosen to try them out!
User headshot
tracy mabout 9 hours ago
After a very long weekend at work I would love to come home and dive in to those sheets if chosen!!! Cant wait