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Party Day was September 30th, 2017

Invite your friends and family over for some amazing seafood recipes as you all learn how eating seafood twice a week is essential for a healthy heart. How you celebrate is up to you! September is Family Meals Month, so you can invite your loved ones over for a family-style seafood meal and catch up on each other's lives. Or get everyone together to watch the game and munch on some healthy, delicious seafood snacks. Whatever type of party you decide to have, you'll showcase your passion for seafood and heart health, and Seafood Nutrition Partnership will give you everything you need to make it a success. So invite all your friends and family over to take the Healthy Heart Pledge, enjoy delicious recipes and have a great time learning how important and easy it is to incorporate seafood into your meals every week.

This event is only open to residents of AL, FL, IN, MN, OK, TN and WV.

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amber 8 months ago
We had a great time! I had about 10 guests come and we ate seafood, most loved the flavored tuna. We took the healthy heart pledge and everyone agreed to add more seafood to their diet! Guests took home the recipe card with coupons and I also printed out more recipes for them to take home to try later. We had lots of fun and the food was amazing. Everyone got a sample of the fish oil supplements and agreed to try them as well.
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lashellwinston8 months ago
i havent gotten my packet yet-who do i contact?
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juliet d8 months ago
love tuna we eat it about once a week family of six ..
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Joel L8 months ago
Love seafood and now I am able to spread the seafood love with fam and friends!
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Shannon P8 months ago
I know it sounds Cliché, but I am thinking some shrimp on the bar B and some grilled fish! I am so thrilled to host this event! Thanks House Party And Seafood Nutrition for trusting me with this AWESOME gathering.
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mrreliz77 months ago
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darrius k8 months ago
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Bobbie A8 months ago
I haven't received my package yet, but I'm so excited planning this party can't wait to eat all this seafood
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TiffonyW8 months ago
Has anyone tried to locate a store that sells Louis Kemp or Trident seafood products near them? I live in Oklahoma and both sites don't show any stores in my state that sell either brand. I'm hoping that this isn't correct. :(
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Torie8 months ago
So excited to help teach others about eating healthier while enjoying yummy seafood with family and friends! Can't wait for my party pack to arrive!!