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ROYAL CANIN® wet cat food is a complete and balanced diet and can support your cat's specific health needs, whatever her age, lifestyle or specific needs.

This Chatterbox is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you're selected as a Chatterbox, you'll get a great Chat Pack:

  • 1, 3 oz. can of ROYAL CANIN® Adult Instinctive Thin Slices in Gravy canned cat food
  • 1 ROYAL CANIN® Coupon Flyer
  • 1 ROYAL CANIN® Pen
  • 1 ROYAL CANIN® Tote Bag

Apply now and if selected, we'll deliver a Chat Pack right to your doorstep. You don't have to throw a party, but you'll want to celebrate when it arrives! After your cat tries ROYAL CANIN®, chat about your cat's experience, share your opinions and post a review on the site. That's it!

Get the chatter started! Apply now.

When posting about ROYAL CANIN® please:

  • Don’t dress your pets up in clothes/accessories
  • Don’t post content from your pet’s perspective/voice
  • Don’t be overly political or controversial in your content
  • Don’t use #adoptdontshop frequently in your posts
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about 2 months ago
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Chatterbox™ Pact
Chat Pack
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User headshot
Samantha W1 day ago
Okay have 3 cats can't wait!
User headshot
Regina N17 days ago
I have always wanted to try Royal Canin. I hope I get picked!!
User headshot
Gilberto G19 days ago
Great food if you have a cat.
User headshot
Sandra S21 days ago
My cat totally loved Royal Canin Adult Cat Food.. Thanks RippleStreet #Sponsored #chatterbox You’ve made my cat-son a Royal Canin Lover!
User headshot
peytonsmom1622 days ago
My big girl is picky but she dove right into the meat and gravy. You have a fan.
User headshot
Lena M16 minutes ago
I would love a Chatterbox and I have a special little baby I know want to check it out.
User headshot
Iris M16 days ago
Never tried this for my fur babies, hope I win.
User headshot
Annette W19 days ago
I have an older cat i bet he'd love it
User headshot
Amanda M21 days ago
My cats ate it right up! I was too slow to get a decent photo to share!! We used the generous coupon to get some more flavors, and so far it has not been a disappointment, they really enjoy the food. Thanks for the chat pack! #Sponsored #chatterbox #RoyalCaninPack
User headshot
shweetie7222 days ago
I only received a single can of cat food I put it on a spoon so each of are cats got to taste it they enjoyed but a lot but, kept starring at me for more