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NEW Poise® Active Collection™ Pads and Liners and Poise® Ultra Thin Pads are made to help you take control of your bladder leaks, worry less and most importantly help you stay you, and stay amazing.

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  • 1 sample pack of NEW Poise® Active Collection™ Pads or Liners OR 1 sample pack of Poise® Ultra Thin Pads

Apply now and if selected, we'll deliver a Chat Pack right to your doorstep. You don't have to throw a party, but you'll want to celebrate when it arrives! After you try Poise®, chat about your experience, share your opinions and post a review on the site. That's it!

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16 days ago
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Nikki B3 days ago
I received my sample back of Liners with wings. I usually find wings to be an extra hassle that never fit your underwear right. This was not the case with these. The wings are smaller but works amazing. It was not bulky and very comfortable. I feel cleaner and fresher with these, Smaller and easier to stash in your purse. They stay tightly wrapped in your bag which is a nice plus. I would recommend switching to this brand. #PoisePack
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Megan O4 days ago
I was chosen and have received my product! I have tried them and they stay in place very well!
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christywmson5 days ago
I will be giving these a try with my workout!
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mummahdarling1435 days ago
These are amazing! I've been trying them out for 3 full days now & I was not disappointed at all! I had a tiny accident & these were put to the test & I must say that they exceeded my expectations & THEY WORK! They do indeed draw in all the moisture & it kept me & my skin dry! I AM VERY IMPRESSED! With these being the first brand I tried, I'm sticking with Poise! The pads themselves are very soft, have no fragrance & are almost similar in feel to the softness of underwear! Im glad I got to try these out!!!! Thank you again Ripple street! #PoisePack #Sponsored #chatpack
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Kimmi W5 days ago
I got my chat box yesterday. Looking forward to trying these.
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Amina R2 days ago
I recently received a pack of Poise Active Collection Pads. I think they work great and I have made sure to share them with my daughter and a few other family members and friends. Everyone was happy with the results. They work great!
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Cynthia H4 days ago
I received my Poise chatterbox and they are great. Now I don’t have to worry if I sneeze or cough I will be protected.
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Dianna5 days ago
Can't wait for my pack to arrive!!! Super excited to be part of chatterbox!!!
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Alecia P5 days ago
Just got mine today. Getting right on working these puppies in
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Kris v5 days ago
Omg. ilove the sample they sent my party will love them