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Party was April 7th, 2018

Palmolive® believes that mealtime memories are worth the mess.

We’ll help you cook up some delicious "Messipes" (messy recipes!) for a dinner full of fun memories and tasty food. Palmolive® will make sure clean-up is a cinch so you can show your guests how they can make long-lasting memories at home when they let Palmolive® help handle the mess.

So gather family and friends, grab your kitchen helpers too (the kids!), and embrace all of the measuring, mixing, stirring, taste-testing, spills, etc. – you know … the messy part. In other words, the fun part! Go ahead … splash some extra sauce onto your kid’s plate or even dab a little on their face. The fun is on us tonight.

This event is only open to residents of the US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Full-size bottle of Palmolive® Ultra Strength™
  • Full-size bottle of Palmolive® Oxy™ Power Degreaser
  • Oven Mitt
  • Chef headbands
  • And more

PALMOLIVE® House Party Guidelines

  • In an effort to accurately relay brand names, product attributes and program information, please refer to all company-provided materials, if available, when developing content for your discussion pertaining to PALMOLIVE products. If you have any questions or need to verify factual statements, please reach out to help@ripplestreet.com.
  • It is important that you disclose during the discussion your connection to Colgate-Palmolive and any benefits you may have received from the company (i.e. product samples, giveaway items, etc.) 1. Please make sure it is prominent and clear and made in immediate conjunction with your comments the PALMOLIVE products and in addition to your standard Disclosure Statements.
  • Please share and post honest and truthful opinions and actual experiences with PALMOLIVE products. However, we do ask that all comments either made in writing or orally be in good taste and free of inappropriate language.
  • Please do not alter or modify any logo, image, copyrighted material or trademark provided by the company if you include/show products or materials.
  • Please do not mention, use or comment on (in writing or orally) any third party name, brand, logo, image, photograph, voice, video, product, quotes, statements, or other intellectual property right. This applies to companies, other unrelated products and individuals (including celebrities).
  • When taking pictures during the PALMOLIVE® House Party and sharing them on social media, please make sure to obtain permission from everyone who will be appearing in the picture.During your time working with the PALMOLIVE brand you may learn of confidential information that is not yet public. In the event you have any question regarding the confidentially of specific knowledge obtained at the event, please reach out to help@ripplestreet.com.
    • For underage children, please make sure you obtain consent from their parents
  • Colgate maintains the right to require you to remove or amend content at our request to the extent that it is unsubstantiated, could subject Colgate to liability or could harm the brand equity of Colgate.

1 To reiterate, any such benefits are available regardless of whether your review/commentary is ultimately positive or negative.

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User headshot
lisahillberg10 months ago
I love it when I soak pots and pans with Palmolive and it just takes all the grease right off!
User headshot
Patricia D10 months ago
i was so impressed with how pleasant the scent of Palmolive is!
User headshot
jusonedivineacademy10 months ago
I have always used Palmolive. It gets in those tough spots
User headshot
amy.battaglia10 months ago
We had a great time at our party. Palmolive made the clean up so much easier. We had Stuffed Shells and spaghetti and after cooking the kitchen was a disaster. Palmolive came to the rescue and cleaned better than any store brands!
User headshot
deegans.eu10 months ago
I continue to be amazed by the Palmolive soaps! I love the smell of the soaps and the work so great! No more harsh scrubbing! Palmolive has helped me conquer dishes that had baked macaroni and cheese , spaghetti, burgers and more. #PalmoliveParty #Messipes #Sponsored
User headshot
boomonk159 months ago
So much fun!!!
User headshot
lorihodge3310 months ago
Absloutly enjoyed hosting this party an gettin to try sum of the Palmolive products aswell
User headshot
Tiffany N10 months ago
My parties came out so great I ended up with having two parties one out in the Bronx and another one out in Brooklyn pics will be posted soon.. Thanks Palmolive
User headshot
rthomas100310 months ago
Love the products. My guests enjoyed making messes. We even made bubbles for the kids. It was a blast
User headshot
j87avila10 months ago
Our family was definitely some # Messipes but the strength of Palmolive oxy worked wonders! This is now my family's regular dish detergent. My grandmother said she is also using it now.