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Party Day was May 19th, 2018

Get your friends together and introduce them to the new, limited-edition OREO Cookie flavors available at your local Kroger family store starting 5/1/2018. New Cherry Cola Flavored OREO Cookies, Kettle Corn Flavored OREO Cookies and Piña Colada Flavored OREO Thins Cookies will be hitting the shelves just in time to have a fun OREO Cookie Taste-Off with your friends on Party Day. Be sure to pick them up for all your summer festivities, but remember they won't be around for long! Head to your local Kroger family store to pick them up and enjoy the wonder of these amazing flavors while they last. And may the most delicious cookie win!

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

Whenever you talk about OREO please remember these guidelines:

Your caption should include:

  • “OREO cookies” when referring to the cookie product (cannot say “Oreos”)
  • #ad or #sponsored at the beginning of your post

Please do NOT:

  • Reference or feature children in product shots; the OREO brand does not market to children
  • Reference or feature alcohol
  • Include visible brand logos, politics, religion, vices – including, but not limited to, profanity, nudity, drugs or smoking and anything gross (we’re a cookie after all!)
  • Mention or feature eating more than two cookies (one serving) in one sitting. If you do feature more than a serving size outside of the pack, the copy must indicate they are for sharing
  • Use the words “crave,” “obsession” or “dying” – or in any way suggest that OREO is a “guilty-pleasure food”
  • talk about competitive brands
  • Do not mention ‘healthy’ at all – either positively or negatively

© Mondelēz International group

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sjette01 day ago
Pina Colada was the winner in ours and the least favorite of all was the cherry cola
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barbhosey81 day ago
Unfortunately I wasn't chosen for this party but I told my Sister about it weeks ago and how much I wanted to host. !!Surpris!! My Sister and My Niece along with my Brother in law went out and found every one of those cookies and sent them to me for Mothers Day along with Mothers Day cards !!Yay!! I froze half of them.
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Randi P2 days ago
I hate saying this because I love Oreos but our party was a flop. Not only was I already bummed that Oreo could not provide all 3 flavors to let my guests try them all but then my Kroger never got in more than the Cherry Cola. We had a party but were unable to give the guests a try of ONE oreo each. Really disappointed!
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dnbuster3 days ago
Kettle corn won at my party!
User headshot
Celina L4 days ago
Kettle corn is our favorite!
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Deidre M1 day ago
I have finally gotten all my flavors for my party, it took other people in other towns helping me. Does anyone know how long I have to complete my party Activities?
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Lindsay C1 day ago
I was super excited for this party, and ended up being bummed out, I went to three different Fry's (kroger stores) and not one of them had any of these flavors. So I ended up just getting normal which is fine. But still stunk.
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jilly43931 day ago
Pina Colada was the Winner !!
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rachel b2 days ago
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Yazmin K4 days ago
Anyone having problems loading the activity page? I’ve been wanting to finish my activities but it just gets stuck in the loading page