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Born in salons and perfected by science, each Nexxus system is crafted with proteins extracted from nature's most precious ingredients to nourish hair. Nexxus uses advanced scientific methods to identify the protein needs of hair and creates highly effective custom formulas specific to the hair type. Find Nexxus hair and scalp products exclusively at Target.

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If you're selected as a Chatterbox, you'll get a great Chat Pack based on your hair care needs. NOTE: You will only receive ONE of the options below:

  • 1 Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox Shampoo & 1 Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox Conditioner OR 
  • 1 Nexxus Clean and Pure Scalp Scrub OR 
  • 1 Nexxus Between Washes Air Lift Finishing Spray OR 
  • 1 Nexxus Between Washes Smooth & Clean Dry Shampoo Foam OR 
  • 1 Nexxus Between Washes Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray OR 
  • 1 Nexxus Between Washes Revived Curls Crème Spray

Apply now and if selected, we'll deliver a Chat Pack right to your doorstep. You don't have to throw a party, but you'll want to celebrate when it arrives! After you try Nexxus, chat about your experience with it, share your opinions and post a review on the site. That's it!

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about 1 month ago
Interested in learning more about Nexxus? Check out the Products tab. And to...
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Angie Cabout 18 hours ago
I loved the product I got. Will keep buying
User headshot
Heather J1 day ago
The air lift spray was great, could sleep in and still have the just washed look
User headshot
lucaarora1 day ago
Love the Nexxus Sea Salt Spray and the beachy texture it gave me.
User headshot
April L1 day ago
I loved the Nexxus clean and pure detox shampoo and conditioner! Thanks for letting me try it!
User headshot
Kimberly P2 days ago
I loved my Nexxus Sea Salt Spray
User headshot
Miriah Labout 2 hours ago
I have never used this brand but I would love to try it out!
User headshot
Carla Labout 21 hours ago
Me encantó mucho
User headshot
Andrea L1 day ago
Loved my products!
User headshot
Carmen A1 day ago
I am very satisfied to have tried this product, it is more than recommended
User headshot
Rebecca P2 days ago
The scalp scrub was such an amazing product by nexxus! I intend on buying it regularly!