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Mott’s new clear Applesauce Pouches are the perfect on-the-go snack for back to school. You’ll love seeing there’s nothing but high-quality applesauce inside. And kids will love them too, for the fun new characters on every pouch.

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Mott’s Clear Applesauce Pouches
about 1 month ago
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Tamaro H1 day ago
This is the best applesauce around they nailed it the packaging look wonderful and my kids and I our guest enjoyed the time spend together ready fun.
User headshot
Milinda J2 days ago
I have 4 kids that LOVE this applesauce!
User headshot
Melinda T2 days ago
My girls love applesauce! The pouches make it so convenient!
User headshot
cortney.ciszek873 days ago
They are good
User headshot
Ashley P3 days ago
My kids LOVE these. I love that I can see exactly what is inside.
User headshot
Lori Sabout 17 hours ago
My 3 Old loved it and he’s picky about applesauce sometimes. Packaging is adorable. I love the clear pouches so that you can see when it’s empty. Can’t wait for him to try the other flavors. Great product that I highly recommend
User headshot
Tammy R1 day ago
Best Applesauce by far.
User headshot
shantail_12242 days ago
My kids love it! I can't wait to stock up on other flavors! We tried strawberry 🍓 and it was 😋 delicious
User headshot
Kalyn M2 days ago
My boys live off of these! They are great to take on the go. I love the clear packaging.
User headshot
gargoyle_spike3 days ago
My kids loved them!