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All the flavors of the market — real chicken, real fish — without the grains. Feed your cat the dry and wet cat food they ask for by name.

This Chatterbox is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you're selected as a Chatterbox, you'll get a great Chat Pack:

  • 1 Meow Mix® Grain Free cat food With USA Chicken
  • 1 Meow Mix® Grain Free cat food With Wild Salmon
  • 1 Meow Mix® Grain Free cat food With Real Chicken in Gravy
  • 1 Meow Mix® Grain Free cat food With Tuna and Whitefish in Sauce

Apply now and if selected, we'll deliver a Chat Pack right to your doorstep. You don't have to throw a party, but you'll want to celebrate when it arrives! After your cat tries Meow Mix® Grain Free cat food, chat about the experience, and post a review on chewy.com. That's it!

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Chat Packs
Meow Mix® Grain Free cat food
3 months ago
Interested in learning more about Meow Mix® Grain Free cat food? Check out the
Chatterbox™ Pact
Chat Pack
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Sue W1 day ago
My cat is spoiled always looking for better food and something he actually likes taste he likes a few of the wet cat foods but is picky on eating dry cat food always looking especially for dry food he will like 🤗❤️Thanks for a chance to win and try them out 🤞🍀🍀
User headshot
Rusty S5 days ago
Looking for the perfect food for my sick cat that I adopted named Symba rustyspoon.exe@gmail.com
User headshot
John T6 days ago
My Rainer will love this she's a picky eater but meow mix has fine ingredients in there food for cats.
User headshot
Brooke B10 days ago
Just adopted a cat from our local humane society and trying to find the healthiest option for him. Would love to be considered for this opportunity. Brooke52885@gmail.com
User headshot
Sandra L13 days ago
Would Love for my two cats to be able to try this food, Sounds like it is the best choice for them. I have a 9 month old female cat, I named her Treeia, she was a stray that we found in our woods, brought her home and the first thing she did was climb our tree to the top. Our other kitten is a long hair Male that is only about 6 months old also a stray. My grandson who is only 3 named him Oreo Cookie, Id like for them both to have a Food that is best for them.
User headshot
Savage Q1 day ago
My cat is spoiled by meow mix!
User headshot
Megan R1 day ago
Stanley is new to our home. We have had him for about 3 months and are having a tough time finding a food he enjoys. We took him in after his owner moved and left him to fend for himself. We would very much like to be considered. Thank you in advance. Immegan28@gmail.com
User headshot
Chris M6 days ago
This looks like fun food for cats?
User headshot
Lajoie J9 days ago
This would be nice to try as my new fur baby is very fussy on food jessicalajoie2003@outlook.com
User headshot
dragonlairdreamd61ce11 days ago
I am looking for the best nutritional food for my cat and this would give me the chance to try different flavors to see what one she likes the best