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Love Beauty and Planet Body Lotions and Hand Creams are loaded with goodness to make you more beautiful while giving a little love to the planet. Try the super-nourishing, vegan Love Beauty and Planet Luscious Hydration Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Body Lotion and Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Oil Hand Cream at your local Target and spread a little love.

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ajohnson0097about 3 hours ago
I love these products, natural and high quality. I also love that they are made with recycled plastic!
User headshot
deegans.euabout 5 hours ago
I seriously love the smell of the coconut mimosa shampoo and conditioner and would love to try the lotion! Such a great company and product!
User headshot
Alicia Tabout 5 hours ago
I've been buying this shampoo and conditioner for a while now and love it! They had a great gift set at Christmas time too :)
User headshot
bcoelho18about 6 hours ago
Went to Target to do some shelfies today but couldn’t decide which products to buy-so many choices-what a problem to have, huh?!? Lol. Ill have to go without hubby so I can spend some quality time in the aisle 😊
User headshot
Cheryl Sabout 11 hours ago
I just bought some Love Beauty and Planet Coconut conditioner to try which I probably would not have tried if it weren’t for Ripple Street!
User headshot
butterfly_gurl19956324eabout 2 hours ago
My sister-in-law introduced me to this product and ever since I've been in love with it! I'd love to share it with my little sister and see what she thinks!
User headshot
ajohnson0097about 3 hours ago
I really hope I'm selected. I use this cruelty free vegan brand, and I'd love to share this with my group of moms and dads, they would help me spread the word about Love Beauty and Planet!!!!
User headshot
Loretta Kabout 5 hours ago
I have bought some of the products and I am very happy with them!
User headshot
Mary Rabout 5 hours ago
I smelled a shampoo and was in love with it. I love a clean smell.
User headshot
malnewton28about 8 hours ago
I got some Love Beauty Planet hair oil recently. I love how it has a spray pump to control how much oil is dispensed. Another thing I love about it is that it doesn't leave a messy residue on your hands and it smells.amazing!