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The Seed What’s Happening program from Unilever and ShopRite aims to help all families develop healthy eating habits, improving access to fresh food and providing education on how to cook with it. With products like Unilever’s Knorr® One Skillet Meals, shoppers can push boundaries in the kitchen with nutritious meals for their families and help support healthy eating in underserved urban communities in their area.

Knorr One Skillet Meals are a range of delicious meal starters that feature whole wheat couscous and ancient grains. Just add the recommended protein and fresh vegetables for a mouth-watering main dish! Try Knorr One Skillet Meals Lemon Chicken with Barley or any of the other delicious varieties that you can get from your local ShopRite. Don’t just eat, discover!

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Knorr® One Skillet Meals Lemon Chicken with Barley
about 1 year ago
Interested in learning more about Knorr® One Skillet Meals? Check out the Products tab. And to see...
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cnierle9 months ago
Was pleasantly surprised that most of my family enjoyed it!
User headshot
jnichols10 months ago
Easy to make. I just did not like the flavor.to salty for me. My husband liked it. Even took leftovers to work the next day
User headshot
phillipmorris15311 months ago
This was an EXCELLENT experience!
User headshot
Daisy P11 months ago
I’ve used Knorr as far back as I can remember. I’ve used the chicken and beef in many of my recipes. We tried the one skillet meals and my family couldn’t get enough of the Lemon Chicken with Barley one. We will try all th flavors.
User headshot
Lissy Z11 months ago
Love this party
User headshot
Vicki M5 months ago
I can’t wait to try these, it all looks SO good!
User headshot
Melissa H10 months ago
I know it has very little prep, but I wish there were even easier option, perhaps suggestions on frozen veggies to add, if you have no time to buy or prep fresh veggies
User headshot
Kimberly I10 months ago
I finally got to make this meal tonight and I was very impressed! Im a very picky eater so for me to actually like this is a big deal!! I liked how I could taste the lemon flavor but not to over powering and I like the barley instead of rice. I will definitely purchase this again.
User headshot
melinda k11 months ago
Knorr has been around for quite some time now and i wanted to try this dish, i love trying new dishes, change things up instead of some of the boring same ole dishes i will make, this one was actually pretty good, and i am glad i was picked to try this one.
User headshot
Christina L11 months ago
I tried this with my family and none of us like it.. SORRY but would not recommend it..