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Party will be November 10th, 2018

This holiday season, invite your friends over to experience how Kikkoman can make the tastiest side dishes and the juiciest holiday bird they've ever tasted. Treat your friends to a delicious Kikkoman stuffing recipe and an amazing green bean dish featuring Kikkoman® Panko Bread Crumbs. And show them how brining their holiday turkey or chicken in Kikkoman® Soy Sauce makes it tender, juicy and more flavorful in a way that ordinary brine never could. Kick off the holiday season together with a fun and delicious dinner as you share plans for the holiday season and secrets for making meals (and juicy birds) that friends and family will love.

This event is only open to residents of the USA.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Gift Card
  • Kikkoman T-shirts
  • Kikkoman recipe booklets
  • And more

Kikkoman is a registered trademark of KIKKOMAN CORPORATION.

3 days ago
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User headshot
User headshot
Keely Habout 2 hours ago
Excited to host. I wish the T-shirts weren't so big. Most my friends wear Mediums, some small, a few large and no one is xl. Would have been nice if they could get one they could use. It will be a tasty party though.
User headshot
roswavabout 4 hours ago
I am excited to host this party!
User headshot
Ingrid Babout 5 hours ago
Love to host this party.
User headshot
Ireland Mabout 14 hours ago
This sounds.like a good party to host also. Yummm yum
User headshot
Will Pabout 21 hours ago
I actually used to work for kikkoman and love the sauce. I use it to brine my turkey every holiday. There are so many uses you wouldn't even think of!!
User headshot
mzjuicy215about 1 hour ago
I am so excited to host this party. To get together with friends and associates and learn some new dishes and tastes.
User headshot
Michelle Habout 3 hours ago
Can’t wait for this party!!! Thanks for selecting me
User headshot
Joey Babout 4 hours ago
I am excited to host this and make some new food for guests to try!
User headshot
earleen aabout 8 hours ago
I would love to throw this party. I love cooking.
User headshot
Farmer Habout 16 hours ago
Yay!! So excited!