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Party was May 19th, 2018

Invite your friends over to experience the smooth, sweet and savory Hood® Cottage Cheese flavors. They're all unique and so delicious – everybody will have a great time discovering how Hood® Cottage Cheese is the perfect snack for them. Break off into teams and have a fun contest with Team Sweet vs. Team Savory and see who can create the most appetizing combinations with their flavors. No matter what time of day you have your party - morning, noon or night - you'll treat your friends to a rich and creamy feast with Hood® Cottage Cheese and have lots of fun discovering an entire realm of smooth, sweet and savory combinations all with 10+ grams of protein!

This event is only open to residents of CT, MA, MD, ME, NH, RI, VA, VT, WV and Washington D.C.

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Holly Cabout 1 year ago
I cannot get my pics or video to upload for the party we held... but all of the guests loved the different flavors and the games.
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Meghan Pabout 1 year ago
Cucumber and Chive was an amazing combo.
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debbie rabout 1 year ago
Pineapple was the stand out favorite!
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myleslie.davisabout 1 year ago
The coupons were a hit!!
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jechamberabout 1 year ago
We enjoyed the savory flavors a bit more, but the party was a hit!!
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sarissahhagemeistera7c447 months ago
I would love to do this!
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jmeileyabout 1 year ago
Amazing party! I moved right after so I don't have any of my photos but cucumber and chive was the groups favorite!
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Meghan Pabout 1 year ago
Cucumber and Chive was an amazing combo.
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Dawn Habout 1 year ago
I held my party on the 19th. Invited 75 people & 1 showed! We did have a great time trying the different flavors with the suggested recipes. We even came up with some ideas. My 1 guest, loved the coupons too. I've tried multiple to upload photo's on the app with no luck, hopefully this doesn't have a negative effect on future challenges. Wasn't able to find all flavors, only 4, but the pineapple was a big hit!
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Felicia Rabout 1 year ago
Had the party and it was sweet that won we tried all the flavors - sadly we couldnt do any of the activities and i have discussed this with the help section and they never got back to me after the first email. also a few of us had that problem it seems. my group loved the swag, the kids ended up being the voting hands they loved the foam fingers and everyone got a sweat band. actually whats funny is a few people on the desingated teams ended up liking the other ie, we had a savory team player who loved the pineapple and a team sweet loved the dill and cumcumber. the card game was an awesome hit as well,