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Party Day was October 2nd, 2015

Invite your girlfriends over for a night of fun, romance, suspense and more as you discover how Harlequin® has "Whatever You're Into". With new titles every month, Harlequin® series Romance offers a range of books that you and your friends will love. From Harlequin® Presents® and Intrigue® to Harlequin Special Edition® and Love Inspired® titles, you and your girlfriends will have a lot of fun diving into stories with sinfully strong heroes and wickedly irresistible passion. Pick up your favorite titles for your party from your local Walmart or any bookstore and share your favorite passages with your girlfriends on Party Day. You'll all have a blast revealing your own fantasies, playing games and having fun with activities as you see for yourselves how Harlequin® delivers "Whatever You're Into. "

This event is only open to residents of the US.

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Crystal Cover 2 years ago
A FUN TIME WAS HAD BY ALL AT THE HARLEQUIN WHATEVER YOUR INTO PARTY! Due to a family emergency we had to postpone the party for a few weeks so with it being so close to my birthday and also Halloween I turned this party not only into the Harlequin party but also a birthday/Halloween party. A wonderful time was had by all. I decorated the house with all sorts of Halloween stuff and birthday banners as well as hearts (to represent the Harlequin Romance side of things). We had tons of awesome finger foods...everything from mini hotdogs to chips and dips and pizza rolls plus a birthday cake but the hit of the night were the adorable witch hat cookies I had made. I decided that we would play a total of 10 different games...and I gave away some amazing prizes (everyone walked out the door happy as could be)..for the big prizes of the night I made up gift baskets using halloween buckets and in them I put a light that changes colors, some bath beads, a small teddy bear, miniture candies and of course a Harelquin book. I also gave away single teddy bears which i had holding a Harlequin book. I had made a light up pumpkin (with a skeleton behind bars) and gave that away (with a Harlequin Book). We played some really fun games and everyone had a blast and laughed non-stop. We played the bingo game which everyone enjoyed but we also played pin the bone on the skeleton which was a big hit, we played pass the pumpin where we had to get in 2 teams and get in a line and pass a pumpkin to each other without using our hands and the first team to pass it to all members won..sounds easy but it was HARD and funny as could be. We also played hot pumpkin (like the game hot potato you play when you are little) and we played a Harlequin musical chairs game where we put chairs in a circle and placed photos of the sexy Harlequin men on them..we played it just like you would musical chairs but each time someone was eliminated the ones still seating would have to look at the picture on his or her chair and tell one thing they would like to do to the person in the photo...needless to say that was a huge hit and everyone had a blast playing it. Nobody left the party empty handed...everyone left with fantastic gifts, a goodie bag full of candies or cookies and also a Harlequin book. I have heard from more than a few people that they are enjoying the books and now a few want to do book exchanges with each other so they can read more great stores! We are thinking of doing a monthtly Harlequin book night where we exchange books and talk about some of the stories we read. Thank you Harelquin and House party for allowing me to host this awesome party. It was alot of fun!
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christenb1over 2 years ago
Great had a blast. I love Intrigue
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Trisha Mover 2 years ago
Had a blast hosting!
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jdlee2103over 2 years ago
We had a blast at the Harlequin party, lots of fun and laughs
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barbara cover 2 years ago
we had a great time at my party everyone enjoyed the games and the books
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Dallas Mover 2 years ago
loved the bingo game!!!
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mommabear21over 2 years ago
This was the best party. Fun, friends, games, books. Loved it all
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djm14over 2 years ago
i loved the books and kept on 2 of them . i gave the rest of them away to my guest. the games were fun and loved the huge pictures of the men..lol. made me laugh and curious to see whst my friends chose. i tried to take pictures but nobody liked the idea of having their pictures posted so i am sorry. i had a evening of fun laughs ans catching up with friends. i really enjoyed all of it and am so thankful i was chosen to host this party.
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marnold.aiccover 2 years ago
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ddavis9566over 2 years ago
I had such a nice time hosting this party .. guests love the books and was a great time spent together. Thanks house party