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Party was May 12th, 2018

Make it a very special Mother's Day for all the very special women in your life by creating gifts from the heart with your friends. GE reveal® HD+ LED bulbs will help by delivering the best light for your projects with enhanced colors and whites for exceptional clarity, which makes them perfect for your party. Let your friends experience the difference GE reveal bulbs make and invite them over the day before Mother's Day for a fun time creating Mother’s Day cards for all the women who mean so much to you. And to make it easy, you'll be able to get all the supplies you need to make your cards, plus everything else you need for your party at Target.

This event is open to all residents of the contiguous US except CA.

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angelluis365 months ago
the product is great
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TAMRA5 months ago
These bulbs are amazingly bright!!!
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el23mj5 months ago
Is everything brighter in my home? or is it just me?
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mryia5 months ago
Ugh! I can not get my activities page to upload or access anything to complete out my party. I have tried from 2 different browsers (firefox and chrome) on my laptop as well as trying on my cell phone (both with the wifi and the data in case it was something going wrong with my home connection). I don't know what else to do. I can see the page that states I have 17% complete but can not access what to complete beyond that. :( We had so much fun at the Shine a Light on Her party and I would love to share my event but I just can't seem to figure out what is going wrong!
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Diane C5 months ago
Love my new light bulbs!
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elizabeth.a4 months ago
we had a great time and I made little cupcakes too, it was very nice
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TAMRA5 months ago
I'm not sure how to work this new site! I have been trying to figure it out but it has made me frustrated. This makes no sense, ugh.
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Katie W5 months ago
Still loving the bulbs and can't wait to go buy more for the rest of the house!
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lashr19995 months ago
This new site does not work as well as the old one it is hard to complete activities. One minute they were there the next it was gone. Please put them back so I can complete them. Great party and lights. Thanks GE and houseparty.
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Cindy H5 months ago
Love the lights and everyone could tell the difference!