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Party Day was May 12th, 2018

Make it a very special Mother's Day for all the very special women in your life by creating gifts from the heart with your friends. GE reveal® HD+ LED bulbs will help by delivering the best light for your projects with enhanced colors and whites for exceptional clarity, which makes them perfect for your party. Let your friends experience the difference GE reveal bulbs make and invite them over the day before Mother's Day for a fun time decorating pots filled with beautiful flowers from your local Lowe's store. Not only will you have fun decorating these gifts together, but you'll be able to reveal how special the women in your life are by giving them your wonderful creations. And to make it easy, you'll be able to get the flowers, plus any tools, markers, paint and anything else you need to make these gifts on Party Day at Lowe's.

This event is open to all residents of the contiguous US except CA.

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peppywhisk12 days ago
Love these lights!! Makes the home look so much better in a natural light!
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jesmarie12198 days ago
The lights have a beautiful glow. We will definitely be replacing the others in our house when the time comes.
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cool_jenn12 days ago

i posted our group picture of the 14 of us and it is not showing up. Is there a way to fix this or upload more pictures? I have tons of pictures of all the fun that was had. This new site is taking a while to get use to.

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Shana R15 days ago
Love how much brighter and more life like my photos are with these bulbs
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Shana R17 days ago
Anyone else having trouble with the new page loading activities?
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annaboeke2 days ago
Absolutely love these light bulbs! Definitely will be buying more.
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Monica S4 days ago
Having trouble trying to do My activities, unable to post
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laineybugger8 days ago
Replaced the bulbs in our bathroom with these and it looks so much nicer!,,
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Jess F13 days ago
I'm lovin' the Summer Grilling Video Series & the chance to Win prizes!!!! @GiantEagle #GiantEagleParty #Sponsored #RaiseYourBarbIQ
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mugwort1716 days ago
I love these lights, they are super soft so they don't hurt your eyes but light up enough to put on your makeup perfectly. The look amazing on my moms vanity and really brighten up her entire room.