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Party will be August 24th, 2019

Enjoy power outage peace of mind with the GE LED+ Battery Backup Bulb. When the power goes out this bulb automatically jumps into action and turns on to help you weather any storm. You can even use it as a flashlight using the switch on the bulb. Show your friends how much fun they can have when the power's out and the lights stay on. Get GE LED+ Battery Backup Bulbs at your local Target and Meijer.

This event is open to all residents of the contiguous US except CA.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • GE LED+ Battery Backup Bulb
  • Target GiftCard™ (to help you get ready for your party)
  • Twister game
  • And more 
Party Pact
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Katie Jabout 3 hours ago
This would be nice to try fo my autistic son. We loose power a lot where I live.
User headshot
Hollyabout 6 hours ago
This would be awesome to try!!
User headshot
Adrienneabout 6 hours ago
We would love to try this!
User headshot
Ashley Gabout 8 hours ago
I totally want to be a part of this party. Our power goes out sometimes without a storm outside. #GEledplusBatteryBackupBulbs
User headshot
pamelant4b2beabout 10 hours ago
Would love to try!
User headshot
tamike000about 1 hour ago
Well living in Idaho we all can have weirdos storm said zapper electricity so this would be beneficial to myself and if I could spread the word to have all my friends by it too well that would be awesome
User headshot
sperez613about 3 hours ago
Fingers crossed for this one! This would be exciting to try! #sponsored #GEBulbSpeakers #GELedParty
User headshot
meghanbu30about 6 hours ago
This is such an amazing concept, would absolutely love to try it!
User headshot
Jennifer Cabout 8 hours ago
This lightbulb is what we need for hurricane season. With kids at home not feeling safe with candles I just love the idea behind this one. Great idea GE.
User headshot
melvinmoore271fa37dabout 9 hours ago
Aw, ya fantastic, a yes do.