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Party will be April 27th, 2019

Show your friends how they can make authentic, delicious dishes for their Cinco de Mayo parties and how Frontera™ products will help them make it quick AND simple. Available at your local Whole Foods Market® for Cinco de Mayo.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Whole Foods Market® gift card
  • Frontera discount coupons for your guests
  • And more
14 days ago
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Christi Labout 16 hours ago
I’m love trying new foods. It looks delicious.perfect for family taco night.
User headshot
caccavai3 days ago
So looking forward top partying with my good friends
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ballrmdancer4 days ago
I plan to serve guacomole with chips, a fresh festive organic salad, and flavorful, spicy chicken and vegetable dishes using Frontera skillets and Frontera mixes along with refreshing drinks. I look forward to making these tasty dishes, including fajitas, quesadillas, and tacos at future Cinco de Mayo parties
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Tom O6 days ago
We will be hosting a great pre-summer party for a group of great friends, enjoying great food and great company!
User headshot
the_xblack6 days ago
I'm planning to feed my friends who love Mexican food as much as I do. Definitely with some Mexican Beer that one of them is bringing. #CantWait
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Kim r21 minutes ago
This would be a fun party to have with my moms group. This looks easy and delicious to make for dinner.
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Nicole P2 days ago
I may be way wrong, but was anyone else under the impression it was going to be a $50 gift card for whole foods? I went the other day to buy stuff and found out it was only $15. I had to put everything back.
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Chenay G3 days ago
Omg we are so excited for this one! Can't wait!
User headshot
Bernice O4 days ago
Hpe to be choose
User headshot
Melissa M6 days ago
Plan on doing a buffet of taste testing during lunch at work. We are a group that loves food and to try new things!