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Let your passion for cooking shine with the Fiskars® Summit™ Knife Collection. Fiskars studied chefs to develop a smarter handle design that guides your hand to the ideal grip automatically. Improve your cutting control with the “pinch grip” position for confident, controlled cuts.

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Fiskars® Summit™ 6.5” Utility Knife
7 days ago
Interested in learning more about Fiskars® Summit™ 6.5” Utility Knife? Check out the
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Chat Pack
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LaToya G1 day ago
The fiskars brand speaks for itself. It would be wonderful to have the opportunity to try this knife
User headshot
mom D1 day ago
Would love to try!
User headshot
Trisha H2 days ago
Yes please
User headshot
David3 days ago
I am so excited to try this
User headshot
Brittany V3 days ago
I’m so excited i got picked
User headshot
carolinamarandinoabout 20 hours ago
I'm always looking for new knives. This one looks great and looks easy to use. Very nice
User headshot
Brittany P1 day ago
This would be awesome!
User headshot
Jennifer M1 day ago
Count me in!
User headshot
Reana S2 days ago
I wanna try this
User headshot
aljraynor3 days ago
I love to cook, I just got a new cutting board for Valentines day and would love to see how this knife cuts. Hope I get picked so I can try it out. I am in the market for a new knife as a Nutrition and Dietetics student, I do a lot of cutting.