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Let your passion for cooking shine with the Fiskars® Summit™ Knife Collection. Fiskars studied chefs to develop a smarter handle design that guides your hand to the ideal grip automatically. Improve your cutting control with the “pinch grip” position for confident, controlled cuts.

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Fiskars® Summit™ 6.5” Utility Knife
2 months ago
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niki9 days ago
I wish fiskars would come up with their own brand of cutting machine. I would be the first in line to buy it!! I only use fiskars and I enjoy using all of their quality products to cut all of my vinyls by hand!! Thank you fiskars !!
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Melissa M18 days ago
very sharp knife.
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vicki s21 days ago
Love this knife! I've replaced my other knives and haven't looked back. I can cut straight through chicken leg bones with ease.
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Shannon J21 days ago
I loved this knife! I felt it was easier to grip and I felt I wasn’t going to slip and cut my finger or something. And it cut so smooth and nicely!
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christina k23 days ago
they look so cool! would love to try them out in my kitchen!
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Cassie W7 days ago
I absolutely loved this knife and it's comfort and ease of use!!
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myplaces2shop16 days ago
So sad I missed this opportunity! This knife design looks like it not only works well but allows you to see what & how you are cutting much better and more safely. Love the design. Definately going to keep eyes open for it in my area!
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Carla D19 days ago
I never knew there was a right/wrong way to hold a knife.. I love how much easier cutting/chopping is with this knife! It's my go to every time, now!
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Kristina C21 days ago
I just scrolled through many of the photos of people using the knife. Please everyone I have a culinary background, i see many many of you holding the knife wrong! Google on how to properly hold one please. I'm only saying this bc this design especially will slip and tilt to one side or the other if not being held correctly. I dont want to see anyone hurt! When holding this knife correctly it is amazing and very stable.
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rachael.marie22 days ago
I really liked this knife! It was much more comfortable for me to use appropriately ( I always want to extend my pointer finger and place it on the top of the knife blade of “normal” knives for control, but with this knife I had no issue with that.