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Let your passion for cooking shine with the Fiskars® Summit™ Knife Collection. Fiskars studied chefs to develop a smarter handle design that guides your hand to the ideal grip automatically. Improve your cutting control with the “pinch grip” position for confident, controlled cuts.

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Fiskars® Summit™ 6.5” Utility Knife
8 months ago
Interested in learning more about Fiskars® Summit™ 6.5” Utility Knife? Check out the
Chatterbox™ Pact
Chat Pack
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Jeanette D12 days ago
Love to🙏💜💜🙏
User headshot
Chriss P4 months ago
I missed out...rats!
User headshot
lonifm952015 months ago
I would love to have a sharp knife. All my knives are old and very dull. I would enjoy cooking much more with a sharp knife.
User headshot
Denisha E5 months ago
Wow I didn't know fiskars made cutlery. I would love to try this product.
User headshot
brooke c6 months ago
Wow Fiskars, you have done it again. I disnt realize that this vrand was bigger than just tools and gardening tools! I mean you guys have made my household work and home improvements so much easier, why not in the kitchen too! I am excited to try these knives! I know from experience they will get the job done and last forever! How awesome!
User headshot
Aui r3 days ago
Would like to try. I know it’s good.
User headshot
Allison M26 days ago
The only brand I buy. I love the scissors, last forever.
User headshot
swatisaxenaasthana5 months ago
the knife is my absolute favorite and after trying this i think i am never going back to another dull knife :)
User headshot
Rebecca R5 months ago
Cooking with Fiskars sounds amazing! I would love to try it.
User headshot
Gwen E5 months ago
I love cooking and would love to try this knife collection.