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Party Day was January 21st, 2018

Invite your friends over to witness the Finish® Foodie Challenge so they can see how the Finish® Quantum faster dissolving triple chamber tab has the scrubbing power to remove even the toughest stuck on foods, cut through grease and leave an amazing shine. All that from a tiny capsule? Seeing is believing when you host the Finish® Quantum House Party. You'll blow your friends away with your favorite messy dishes and they won't believe their eyes when the dishes come out of your machine. Don't believe it? Apply to host and take the Finish® Foodie Challenge and see the results for yourself.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

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angielalle4 months ago
Who knew so much cleaning power could fit into one dishwasher pod? #FinishQuantumParty #Sponsored
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sibbybach4 months ago
Is there anyone else who can’t find the 36 count??
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Charlotte S5 months ago

Can’t wait to show my friends and family how amazing this product is! Time to make the messiest sticky buns and how how amazing this is to get it off my dishes!

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daytonadog20015 months ago
I'm going to break out my sticky gooey recipes that I don't use much due to the clean up and really enjoy myself.
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christine s5 months ago
We're going to see how dirty we can get the dishes with baked on enchiladas and Spanish rice, then stick them in the dishwasher as is with Finish Quantum! Stay tuned.....
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staceybunnys4 months ago
Everyone had a great time at my Finish House Party. I served a lot of food and dessert. The biggest hit was my homemade chicken enchiladas. They made the biggest mess with cheese and salsa stuck to everything. I used Finish Quantum and the whole load came out very clean. It even got all of the stuck cheese off of the plates without me cleaning them first. This House Party was a lot of fun! It's not often that I have guests who want to empty my dishwasher. I will definitely buy Finish again!
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Janet 4 months ago
I would love to host this party
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tatianaba35 months ago
Omg the package look awesome. Can't wait for mine
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mnmguess5 months ago
Can't wait to show the girls how well this works!
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tfahsb5 months ago

I am going to get everything I can, dirty them all up, and in the dishwasher they go with Finish Quantum. Thank you HouseParty!!!