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Edwards thaw-and-serve crème pies offer luscious layers of deliciousness without the effort. Taste for yourself why they're the perfect desserts to enjoy this holiday season. Find them in the frozen dessert aisle.

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EDWARDS® Desserts
9 days ago
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Chat Pack
User headshot
User headshot
prinscess76about 1 hour ago
I am so excited! Secret Santa at the office just got way better!!
User headshot
Aisa Rabout 3 hours ago
My pack should arrive today! I'm about to start stalking the UPS tracker :D
User headshot
sometiffabout 5 hours ago
Yeah!!! Got my pack yesterday evening. Going to the store today.
User headshot
Cindy fabout 16 hours ago
Got my pack today! Can't wait to go shopping tomorrow for a delicious dessert!
User headshot
Alaina Mabout 19 hours ago
Going to the store to pick up my pies today!
User headshot
paulasmommy111735 minutes ago
I am so excited! Just received my party pack #eatedwardsdesserts #sponsored I am looking forward to adding some delicious desserts to our holiday table.
User headshot
Jovon Tabout 2 hours ago
the pies looks so delicious would love to try
User headshot
roy pabout 4 hours ago
Awesome got my pack and getting my pies.....do i really have to share with the family?😉
User headshot
Michelle Fabout 9 hours ago
My chatterbox won’t be here til Monday the 17th my ups notification says. I am so excited! And if it arrived early it’s be even better!!!
User headshot
Amanda Sabout 17 hours ago
Got my pack today, going to pick up some pies tomorrow and have some for the holidays!