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Dove Men+Care Instant Foaming Body Wash is an easier way to cleanse and hydrate men’s skin. One press of the pump creates a handful of instant, lightweight lather that cleanses, freshens, and hydrates instantly.

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Sarah C13 minutes ago
This would be great to keep my husband from using my foaming products ☺
User headshot
ann L29 minutes ago
I love dove products
User headshot
sheislegend725about 1 hour ago
My boyfriend and son both already use dove so itd be exciting to try the foaming kind.
User headshot
mjv-1984about 1 hour ago
Fingers crosed
User headshot
destiny sabout 2 hours ago
This foaming body wash features Nutrium Moisture™ technology to instantly hydrate his skin and help it retain its natural moisture, leaving it feeling cool and comfortable. It is perfect for him.
User headshot
jennihall716 minutes ago
My husband will get to try this n let me know how it works out
User headshot
Melissa L17 minutes ago
My husband has never used any Dove Men+care products, but he's willing to try them out to see if he likes them
User headshot
ajohn18034 minutes ago
It's perfect because my husband needs a hydrating body wash since he spends long hours outside in a harsh climate.
User headshot
janetjerniganabout 1 hour ago
WIth the cold weather my man could use something to help hydrate his skin. The scent is just a bonus!
User headshot
Robin Sabout 2 hours ago
I think it perfect for him because it would hydrate his skin plus give him a great clean.