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The Dove Beauty Bar does more than clean your skin. Unlike basic soap bars, it gently but effectively cleanses and cares for skin, leaving it soft, smooth and radiant. It doesn’t leave behind that dry, tight feeling that ordinary soaps can, and is the #1 Dermatologist and Pediatrician recommended bar making it ideal as an affordable solution for the whole family. Experience the #DoveDifference by making the switch & incorporating the Beauty Bar into your daily cleansing routine.

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Dove Beauty Bar
6 months ago
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Sierra Rabout 1 month ago
I love go fresh line of dove moisturizing skin solutions! Actually I love all of the sensual scented dove products. My family has used it my whole life! Overjoyed they finally started making lotion!😁 As a young woman I got hooked on the Go Fresh Line - Energize was my ULTIMATE FAVORITE SCENT THAT I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT! I believe it was citrus scent & sunshine 🌞 yellow was standard color for that scent. I started with the body spray so amazingly clean & fresh it had the smell of spring flowers maybe Jasmine, honey suckle, geranium mixed with light notes of 🍋 lemon, grapefruit. It was super yummy 😋 I always got compliments everywhere I went. Then I found a bottle of then Go Fresh Energize Scented exfoliating body wash & deodorant!!! I was in heaven! But to my amazement in 2008/09 all of a sudden I no longer could find my favorite body line on the shelf. Now I didn't panic because I sometimes had a tuff time finding it in every drug store because it sold out quickly. But when it was IN NONE OF THE STORES I WAS DEVASTATED😲🤯 & THEN 😰😓😫😱🤢🤧😭 Heartbroken 😣💔 I was left with nothing to supplement my incredible amazing irreplaceable product for a long time! 🤔 All I kept wondering why they would discontinue what seemed to be such a successful product because it was sold out often! Sometime later in the sunshine state the Go Fresh Line began to appear on the shelves in stores. I WAS SO EXCITED MY EYES GOT BIG 👀👁️👁️👀 LOOKING & LOOKING, BUT WAIT... WHERE'S THE ENERGIZE SCENT THE ONE IN THE YELLOW BOTTLE??? WHAT IS THIS CUCUMBER SCENT? IT SAYS GO FRESH BUT THATS NOT THE SCENT I WANT! 💔💔💔 AGAIN. I was so hurt that It took me a couple of Years to recover & come back to dove. I fell back in love with the original dove body wash that belonged to my boyfriend. It was so creamy & smooth with such a clean yet light scent that is unisex! Then I began to fall in love with some of the newer scents and finally in 2019 was reintroduced to the fresh line again by a boyfriend. At first I was against even giving the scent a chance. When I got a whiff of the 🍐 PEAR Go FRESH I was in love all over again. I even took a liking to the CUCUMBER Go Fresh. It's smell seemed to have improved FM 10years ago! The regular creamy body oil lotion is awesome! The thicker body creamy lotion comes in original or rose scent is a bit thick & a tad bit dry. My recommendation is keep up the hard work and dedication and open your lotion line to match some of your best selling scents! I'm SURE 🕊️ sales would be through the roof! I can't wait to try the New Dove Baby body wash/lotion products, as well as Dove Foaming Body Wash Line 🌹 Rose Scented is my next experimental ventures LOL Id be more than honored & extremely happy to test any product you have and offer feedback 😊 I'd love to help Dove for helping me!
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Jennie Mabout 1 month ago
My sensitive skin loves Dove
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Alma Babout 1 month ago
Love Dove and love to be apart of this my skin need some softness!
User headshot
Kathie Jabout 1 month ago
I love Dove doeodrant. Have been using it for years
User headshot
Laura Kabout 1 month ago
I use clinical Secret now and would like something better to try. Maybe use can win me over!
User headshot
spazzsam0224442fc9 days ago
I love the sensitive skin one one of my favorite
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Paula pabout 1 month ago
I use the beauty bar from Dove it is awesome. I love how it smooths and cleans and be softens my skin. I pamper myself with it
User headshot
CW Tabout 1 month ago
My family loves Dove soap!
User headshot
Seda Eabout 1 month ago
Dove products are my absolute favorite for everything deodorant ,soap ,and lotion!!
User headshot
Toni Fabout 1 month ago
I get hot flashes, does this soap leave a coating?