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The Dove Beauty Bar does more than clean your skin. Unlike basic soap bars, it gently but effectively cleanses and cares for skin, leaving it soft, smooth and radiant. It doesn’t leave behind that dry, tight feeling that ordinary soaps can, and is the #1 Dermatologist and Pediatrician recommended bar making it ideal as an affordable solution for the whole family. Experience the #DoveDifference by making the switch & incorporating the Beauty Bar into your daily cleansing routine.

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Dove Beauty Bar
4 months ago
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pamela G21 days ago
Would love to try this! Longtime fan of Dove! Thank you
User headshot
Monique G27 days ago
Dove is great for my dry skin. It helps to keep it moisturized all year long!
User headshot
Shelby Cabout 1 month ago
Dove is the ONLY soap I use . It's so gentle on the skin and doesn't dry my skin out . And great thing is that it smells good !
User headshot
Ellen Sabout 2 months ago
I adore the way it makes my skin feel
User headshot
Jen D2 months ago
Dove is the only soap I have used.
User headshot
Tina R3 days ago
would love this
User headshot
Oricelda R24 days ago
I will love to try
User headshot
Cristy Rabout 1 month ago
Soft and silky skin all the time. Thy is why I love Dove soap.
User headshot
Princess Life Vabout 2 months ago
I love how Dove makes your skin feel and smell so good.
User headshot
Nicole Labout 2 months ago
Dove is the only soap that doesn’t break me out. The mild formula is great for sensitive skin.