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Depend® Silhouette® Briefs for Women and Depend Real Fit® Briefs for Men offer premium, stylish incontinence protection with designs that are inspired by your lifestyle.

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prettypcsabout 2 hours ago
Always interested in trying something new, discreet and comfortable. #DependPack #Sponsored
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linda u1 day ago
These are great as they feel just like real underwear
User headshot
Juliana B1 day ago
I have a daughter with a disability who wears these in an adult xs.. perfect for her and she says they are comfortable too.
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Sonja D2 days ago
Having a baby next month ,these would be very helpful
User headshot
Cudisha M3 days ago
I would like to try these
User headshot
Sheleeza Dabout 1 hour ago
#Depends #sponsored I've yet to find comfortable for my bladder incontinence following a bladder prolapse with my last pregnancy 12 years ago!
User headshot
nylabiggsabout 6 hours ago
Wearing pull-ups has nothing to do with age! Incontinence is a serious issue among women. Discretion for women means a lot!
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hheyred1 day ago
Good news! Your application is being considered. Be sure to check back on or around November 26th to find out if you've been selected.
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WiniPuBare2 days ago
I have a family member who was wearing a pair of Depend Silhouette briefs, and I couldn't even tell. We happened to start talking about them and she told me she had a pair on. This is great to know they're less visible than other brands.
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Nicholas C2 days ago
It's been so hard to find good reliable stuff. Everyone always says this product works or try this one and we haven't found one to help me wife. I would love to try and see if theses can help. Anything to make it easier for her to come out and enjoy herself without the added pressure or worrying that it's time to go change or go home