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Party was October 19th, 2019

Darigold FIT gives you more milk in your milk. With 75% more protein, and 40% less sugar, it is 100% delicious and 100% milk. You can enjoy Darigold FIT every day, in many ways. Show your friends how they can pack more good into their morning, noon and night with Darigold FIT 2% Milk and Darigold FIT Chocolate Milk.

This event is only open to residents of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Northern California, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

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Darigold FIT
about 2 months ago
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star g19 days ago
I'm in Oregon and I cant find it ANYWHERE... ugh. I've even talked to suppliers trying to find it
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Jessica B20 days ago
Does anyone know when the activities need to be completed by? I can't find the date anywhere...
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Melissa S25 days ago
We enjoyed the party and the milk and cookies! Unfortunately I could not find the chocolate milk. The feedback was that the milk tasted a little watered down. On the plus side, it was not as sweet as lactose free milk usually is and that was appreciated.
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static2026 days ago
It was a fun new thing to try. Even my kids who don't like milk normally loved the taste of the dairygold.
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Laura Wabout 1 month ago
Guys, I went to 5 different stores (that Darigold says sells their product) and couldn't find a single Darigold Fit product! How do I party it up without the actual milk?! I live in CO.
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Shelly Miao P10 days ago
It was really hard to find the item to purchase so we did the party later !!! Did anyone had the same problem?
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Terri G19 days ago
Guests enjoyed tasting Darigold Fit. I served different kinds of cereal, which all enjoyed. I liked the fact that it has less fat and sugar than regular milk. Too bad I was only sent 5 bowls. I had to use different bowls for some, but we all had a good time sampling. # DarigoldFitParty #Sponsored
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Marj S21 days ago
We had a great time partying. Of course, they love the Chocolate more than the Milk.
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Vanessa M26 days ago
We had a great time tryed new milk chocolate milk in egg nog it was all a hit. My son said the chocolate milk is his new favorite. Out of the 20 people i had no complaints that should tell you something.
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Kassondra B28 days ago
With a 3 yr old that puts away a gallon of milk every other day, breastfeeding my 4 month old and having a husband that stand 6'6", we go through a TON of milk! Plus, it's baking season! Bring on the pies and biscuits and breads and oh my the pastries!!! Darigold Fit! You'll get a workout of your own in my house!