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Be among the first to try and share new Cheez-It® Snap’d™ with friends and show them how you are the ultimate Cheez-It® fan. New Cheez-It® Snap’d™ is made for munching – they're irresistibly cheesy, delightfully thin and crave-ably crispy with the big, 100% real cheese taste that only Cheez-It® can deliver. Find Cheez-It® Snap’d™ on display throughout your grocery store or where Cheez-It® is sold, in the cracker aisle!

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Cheez-It® Snap’d™
3 months ago
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Maureen N3 days ago
I have not seen them in stores yet either but am exited to try them! I love Cheez-It's!
User headshot
Chelsey R24 days ago
I haven't seen these yet but I have to keep my eyes out for them! Cheez its have always been a guilty pleasure of mine and my fiances. We love them. I can eat a whole box by myself in a day. What can I say? I love Cheez its. I'm always up for trying new Cheez its items
User headshot
Amber M29 days ago
these look great
User headshot
tammy babout 1 month ago
Love cheeszeits
User headshot
tworekkathy15about 1 month ago
Son loves Cheez Its so would be so excited to try these as well.
User headshot
DIANE B2 days ago
I found these in my store and brought them. They are so good; can't stop eating them.
User headshot
Jennifer B8 days ago
My son's and I are huge fans of Cheez-It... 😁 I myself would like to try these I haven't seen them before
User headshot
Sarah H25 days ago
Would love to tryy! Haven’t seen them in stores!
User headshot
chickenbuttwhat87b1791about 1 month ago
Just seen these advertised a few days ago! Wld love to try them!
User headshot
Zina Mabout 1 month ago
My family eat Cheez-it's all the time