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Party will be September 21st, 2019

Introduce your friends to the new Canon Instant Camera Printers – the IVY CLIQ and IVY CLIQ+. These cameras let you shoot + print + stick (shprinck) pictures anywhere so you can share the fun no matter where you are. They are the perfect accessories to bring to any party and fit right in your pocket so you’re always ready to shprinck the world.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Canon IVY CLIQ
  • Canon IVY CLIQ+
  • And more
Canon IVY
18 days ago
Interested in learning more about Canon IVY? Check out the Products tab....
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tracy wabout 8 hours ago
I think that is something new it comes with filters and borders so when you make your collages you don't have to add too much anything you could just print out the picture
User headshot
cirilogyabout 13 hours ago
I have a Cannon, I love my printer !
User headshot
Yasmin Babout 16 hours ago
Charging them up to get ready for the weekend!! Excited.com!
User headshot
littleleapersllc1 day ago
I am a loyal canon user. I love their loyalty program and I love taking pictures. Just wish I knew to apply for this party. ❤️❤️
User headshot
angieray9941 day ago
I have used canon all my life! Would love to try this out!
User headshot
Kelly Aabout 2 hours ago
I would love to use this at school to help my students create projects and take pictures of students who have very few pictures of them because parents can’t afford to purchase cameras or even school portraits.
User headshot
Lauren Babout 12 hours ago
I'm an Instax girl and I use the photos in my artwork but i love the functions available on this device- I'd be interested to see what it can do!
User headshot
Cynthia Sabout 14 hours ago
I love Canon products. My older Canon printer still prints so beautifully.
User headshot
Aditya S1 day ago
I think that is the best way for keep making every moment memorial by clicking awesome photos by canonIVY because it is so portable
User headshot
Kristy B1 day ago
Can't wait for this weekend to use our Canon Ivy Shprinck!!