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Party will be June 8th, 2019

Introduce your friends to the new Canon Instant Camera Printers – the IVY CLIQ and IVY CLIQ+. These cameras let you shoot + print + stick (shprinck) pictures anywhere so you can share the fun no matter where you are. They are the perfect accessories to bring to any party and fit right in your pocket so you’re always ready to shprinck the world.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Canon IVY CLIQ
  • Canon IVY CLIQ+
  • Happy Album Kits
  • And more
Canon IVY
7 days ago
Interested in learning more about Canon IVY? Check out the Products tab....
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Erica Rabout 20 hours ago
The invitations are sent and now everyone is doing their research on the Canon CLIQ so we can all have fun
User headshot
Vanessaabout 23 hours ago
I am so thankful I was chosen to host this!! Photography is huge for me and to test this AND show this product to so many people that come to me for advice is a dream! Counting down the days!!
User headshot
kathymcqn1 day ago
I’m so excited about hosting this party my teenage grandkids and I are going to have a blast hosting
User headshot
Estella O1 day ago
So excited to get chosen. I'm a taking pictures kinda person. I love taking pictures! #CanonIVYSHPRINCKParty
User headshot
Kate G1 day ago
Interested in hosting a party!
User headshot
Dusteen Sabout 6 hours ago
Excited to be apart of the party!
User headshot
laurahartlineabout 23 hours ago
My girls are super excited for this party. They have seen the ads and can’t wait to try it out with their friends!
User headshot
Debra F1 day ago
I am seriously so excited to try these! I love the blended word! So creative! This is going to be so much fun for my guests and I. PARTY TIME!!! :D
User headshot
harriet s1 day ago
I can’t wait for the party. It’s going to be awesome
User headshot
Kristy K1 day ago
I love taking pictures, I would love to host a party!!! I'm so excited, I hope I get the opportunity to show everyone how amazing this camera is......