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Party Day was January 20th, 2018

Invite your friends over for game night fun! What’s more wonderful than togetherness with friends? How about the new, next generation hardwood floor mop from Bona? The next generation Bona® Premium Spray Mop combines the Bona cleaner that you love, with a next generation mop for simply beautiful floors. So, gather your crew and show them how the Bona® Premium Spray Mop makes it easier than ever to care for your floors giving you more time to have fun celebrating all things that are wonderful together — including you and your friends, great food and drink pairings, games and more!

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

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Michellemartin22 months ago
I really want one to review it to see how it help clean the floor #BonamopParty #NextGenMop
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Luke M3 months ago
This mop really was as easy to use as they said. It had good contact with the floor, so it wasn't just going over the surface, but really cleaning anything off the floors that was stuck. I liked the pivot, making it easier to clean around furniture (or kids, pets, etc.)
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kristlg4 months ago
I had to call Bona customer service because my mop would not stay connected. GREAT service by facebook and by phone. Problem resolved.
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twinsouls014 months ago
Although we had fun at my party, I was not pleased at all with this product. The mop leaked just sitting there. And also when pushing it the liquid came out without even pulling the trigger on the handle. The duster was okay. It worked well but the Velcro placement to keep it in place was poorly designed. The corners did not stay attached. I was embarrassed giving the second one away after everyone seen the leaking etc hopefully that person has much better luck.
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Rachel C4 months ago
Didn't get to have my party yet. This darn influenza is making its way through my whole family!
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Janice Rabout 2 months ago
i would like to try this samples thank you
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angelica.ramirez9153 months ago
Everyone loved the mop! A few people said they would switch to Bona from other brands they use.
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saeryff4 months ago
This was an awesome party. Everyone enjoyed this product. I absolutly love the mop and gave the other away as a door prize.
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SUSAN A4 months ago
I was so impressed by the Bona products I received and will continue to purchase these products and spread the word to friends and family.
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Sandra G4 months ago
As someone with a house with wood floors, I adore this mop. It's made life so much easier!!