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Party was July 21st, 2018

Get your friends together so they can discover how Boar’s Head® Bold BourbonRidge Uncured Smoked Ham brings bold, authentic, one-of-a-kind flavor to all their celebrations. It's masterfully crafted with a refined bourbon and patiently smoked with reclaimed charred oak bourbon barrel chips for exceptional flavor. Serve it up at parties, in sandwiches, platters, lunches, your favorite recipes and so much more. Celebrate the heritage and pride of Kentucky with Boar’s Head® Bold BourbonRidge Uncured Smoked Ham.

This event is only open to residents of AZ, FL, NC, SC & TX.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Gift card to purchase Boar’s Head® Bold BourbonRidge Uncured Smoked Ham for your party
  • Boar’s Head® recipe cards
  • And more
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Tracy Babout 1 year ago
We had a wonderful party full of lots of yummy meats, cheeses & sandwiches! I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves & left w/a full belly!
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Nicol Babout 1 year ago
Oh YEAH!! I hosted Boar’s Head Bold BourbonRidge Uncured Smoked Ham PARTY, 7/21, thanks to @housepartyfun and everyone loved how sweet and tender and delicious Boar’s Head Bold BourbonRidge Uncured Smoked Ham was when paired on a salad or in a sandwich. I loved how no one at my party had ever tried Boar’s Head Bold BourbonRidge Uncured Smoked Ham before and I really enjoyed hearing how nice the flavor was and what a great tasting brand of ham it was. When I shared that the ham was also Gluten Free, Milk Free, no MSG Added, and Raised Without Added Hormones, just about everyone said they were going to pick some up for their families and friends to try! My #BoarsHeadParty was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! #Sponsored
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teapot63about 1 year ago
Everyone have fun at your party! I wish it was open to NY -
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Doris Labout 1 year ago
I'm excited to host boars head party
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melissann76about 1 year ago
Is there a way to check on my party pack status? I have not received it yet?
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Elizabeth B12 months ago
we had an awsome party everyone played bingo for a back to school bash and enjoyed boars head meats and cheese selections for subs along with chips and sweet tea. it was a mixed group of 6 teen agers and 8 adults the teens were more than willing to be photographed as we went along and it was shared on facebook. the adults were a little more shy but we talked about where to buy it and it just happened to be on sale in our area that weekend so that was lucky. everyone left with one of the cups filled with a fruit squishy, a pair of headphones, and some pens and pencils and a note book for the back to school theme. it fit because lunches are part of school and some of the kids r picky eaters but all had a great time. thanks boars head.
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skittles4203about 1 year ago
This was a great party, really enjoyed trying new meats! We typically don't like ham here, but this was a great blend of flavors- buying again for sure!
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tjperez04about 1 year ago
Just got my Boar's Head shopping done!
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deegans.euabout 1 year ago
So excited for my Boar's Head party! I will be having a brunch party!
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helno6764about 1 year ago
got my party pack too , making my list of what . Im going to make it a casual and fun time so all my friends can enjoy with me : )