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Party Day was October 7th, 2017

Invite your friends over to discover all the delicious ways they can enjoy Boar's Head Fine Crafted Foods every day. With a vast array of premium delicatessen meats and cheeses, as well as hummus, jerky, charcuterie, condiments and more, Boar's Head is perfect for entertaining, lunches, snacks and goes great in recipes too. With so many ways to enjoy Boar's Head premium products, how you celebrate and have fun with your friends is up to you. Whether it's a dinner party, brunch, backyard barbecue or family game night, Boar's Head will provide you with the finest tasting cold cuts, cheeses and anything else you need to make your party a success. 

This event is only open to residents of FL.

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staceybunnys7 months ago
Everyone loved my Boar's Head House Party. The Boar's Head meats are delicious. I made homemade rolls and French fries to go with the meats. I also made homemade cheesecake brownies and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Everyone was stuffed by the end of the party and wanted to know when I'm having my next Boar's Head party.
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elizabeth.knox8 months ago
Stoked for this party but $30 is definitely not enough to purchase enough food. Used the gift card and spent and additional $50. Great concept though..
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Anacelis S8 months ago
Recieved my Visa card today. I am a little confuse I don't think that $30.00 is enough to get everything for my party. I have more than 10 people coming. So that mean that I will have to pay from my pocket to feed everybody. Is that correct
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shabbypink12348 months ago
What's everyone going to serve? I was thinking buffet style with slider rolls so everyone can try little sandwiches?
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LoCa17338 months ago
Waiting for my party pack to arrive!!!
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Josephine W4 months ago
I love their meats , I weakness is the French bread and the meats .
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Michele A8 months ago
It was great! Hope everyone else had fun too!
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ltarrant4198 months ago
Got the party pack, got the gift card, now to go pick up Boar's Head meat and try not to eat it before the party!! I can't wait!
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Kaliio8 months ago
Has anyone else had a house party before? I have for another brand and the party pack I got for them included recipe cards, tshirts and coupons for all my guest. This one just had recipes cards. Any repeat hosts think this party pack is a little bland for the guest take aways or was my first house party pack pretty rare to have so much for the guest?
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nickeyjay8 months ago
Received my party pack today but my Visa card was missing?! Anyone else have this problem?