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Party was February 17th, 2018

Invite your friends over to enjoy Blount Bowls™ Asian-Inspired dishes and show them how convenient it is to make healthy, delicious and authentic meals in just 3 minutes right in the microwave. Find Blount Bowls™ Chicken Ramen Noodle, Coconut Chicken & Noodle, Hibachi Chicken & Rice and Vegetable & Rice Bowls near the fresh soups in the refrigerated deli section of your local Target (select stores), Tops, Meijer, Big Y, Shaws, Dave’s Marketplace, Earth Fare, Safeway, Albertsons and other specialty, grocery stores. Your friends will love the complex flavors and spices that give Blount Bowls™ their authentic and delicious taste. And since they only take minutes to make, you'll have plenty of time to have fun with your favorite movies, shows and great conversations.

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

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Stephanie Aabout 1 year ago
So my whole party agreed we loved the flavors and roasted veggies in these except for the ramen chicken noodle bowl the mushrooms were slimy and it had a very very strong poultry smell to it and had no flavor maybe next time I’ll try it with some fresh lemon or lime juice or hot sauce . Our favorite wa the coconut chicken a sweet savory flavor and it kind of thickened up as it cooled too so it was perfect for this wet cold weather.
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The Cabout 1 year ago

Awww, wish we were in on this. We're still going hold a great party though which we had decided to schedule anyway! And we'll be serving an array of treats along with dinner on the simple side. Have fun all you lucky party throwers. 😊 looking FWD to hearing reviews on tho brand, as we'd never known about it before. Cheers.

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Robert Fabout 1 year ago

I found the Blount Bowls at Meijer in Detroit, MI on 8 Mile & Woodward. They were located in the deli section just like the instructions said.

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11cramirez82about 1 year ago
Cant wait to have my party. Yet my Meijer dosnt have Blount Bowls Help
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James Cabout 1 year ago
These products look great, I can't wait to sample them all with my friends and family!
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jessicasolomon0924about 1 year ago
I was kind of disappointed in some of the flavours... was any one else?
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jessicasolomon0924about 1 year ago
The flue has hit our house so I ha e not been able to have our party or buy the stuff.... having the party tonighy and going out now to buy the stuff.... question.... to everyone who has had there party and bought the stuff using the free coupons ... we're you able to use all the coupons in one transaction? Or did you have to buy then in moltaple transactions?
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Victoriaabout 1 year ago
I am still having a hard time finding them! I have looked at the Target on the list but can't find them :(
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yaya9279about 1 year ago
I found mine at Meijer I was only able to find two flavors though. The chicken and vegetable bowls. I am a little disappointed because the target by me closed so I cannot check anywhere else.
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raegirl64about 1 year ago
My local Tops store carries Blount Bowls! :)