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Party Day will be August 4th, 2018

Show your friends and family how much fun they can have together when they put A&W Root Beer and Publix Premium Ice Cream together. Family Float Nights are a great time and provide more than just a perfect treat for the whole family – they will make great memories that everybody will cherish. So invite your loved ones over to have fun creating memories together and making delicious floats with A&W Root Beer and Publix Premium Ice Cream.

This event is only open to residents of AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, TN and VA.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Publix gift card for A&W Root Beer and Publix Premium Ice Cream
  • A&W Straws
  • A&W Stadium Cups
  • And more 

A&W is a registered trademark of A&W Concentrate Company ©2018 Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.

Welcome to the A&W® Root Beer Floats Party
6 days ago
If you're an A&W® Root Beer Floats Party host, congrats! Here are some tips to get you started: Be sure to check your address in your Ripple Street profile:...
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Candice Wabout 15 hours ago
This is my kiddos favorite summer dessert
User headshot
kellielacy0882about 20 hours ago
This is Awesome! My sons birthday is August 5th and I am a root beer lover so this is perfect!
User headshot
Denise S1 day ago
Root Beer is my Moms fav it 8/4 is her bday!!!
User headshot
Laura C2 days ago
I love Root Beer floats! They are a perfect treat for the hot, Florida heat.
User headshot
Annabelle S2 days ago
I plan on making some traditional float as well as changing things up and using different kinds of toppings, and flavors. I would like to have a special station set up for kids so they can add some fun toppings to their floats.
User headshot
kaonu_lyabout 3 hours ago
My fav dessert. Would luv to share with fam n friends. Will b seeing a bunch of them on 8/4.
User headshot
sharonjl0831about 18 hours ago
I can’t wait to get my PARTY PACK!!
User headshot
Millie W1 day ago
We are going for a vanilla Carmel chocolate chip & vanilla chocolate chip banana
User headshot
Melissa S1 day ago
This is perfect! We have a block party planned on August 4!! I want to apply but can’t find the application. Help!
User headshot
Stephanie2 days ago
My boys and nieces are so excited for this party!