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Party Day was June 7th, 2014

Celebrate your unique family history with friends and family by hosting an AncestryDNA House Party! AncestryDNA is revolutionizing the way people are making new discoveries in family history. By combining the latest in genetic science with Ancestry.com – the world's largest online family history resource – AncestryDNA can help you learn more about your unique ancestral history. Through one simple test, you can discover your unique ethnic origins and perhaps even connect with new relatives you may never have known existed. Imagine meeting a 3rd cousin for the first time through AncestryDNA! Share your AncestryDNA journey and results with friends and family at your party. Perhaps surprise them with delicious food, music, decorations and fun games that reflect who you are and where you come from, and educate and inspire your guests to discover, share and preserve their own family history.

This event is only open to residents of the U.S.

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mom2sam10 months ago
Would love to host an Ancestry party! Love learning about my past to tell to my children.
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88tiggerover 3 years ago
My husband had a family reunion last weekend he was able to fill in several open spots and questions about his family. Was glade we hosted the party back in July.
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brendakaystreanalmost 4 years ago
The weather was nice, the day was perfect. Great party. The turn out was not what was expected or how many was invited. most all the invited could not come due to working on saturdays. I still enjoyed being able to have the House Party for Ancestry.com/ DNA !!!! :D
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angelaalmost 4 years ago
oh my, let me just say that this day was VERY scary but ended in a good way, We were on our way (on the highway) to the place were i was having the party. We noticed a car drifting in and out of lanes. We slowed down behind the person and began to call the cops, before we knew it HE FLEW OFF INTO a deep ditch and some trees. looked as if he was doing 60mph at the time. we HAD to stop and check on him. i was sooo frightened i could NOT believe what i just saw. Luckily he was climbing out of his passenger side window. he was not injured on the outside that we could see. we stayed till the cops came which was within 5 min. i have NEVER shook like that in my life. i'm glad he is okay and alert. We actually showed up at our final destination and i was so shocked to see that many of my friends and family were ready to learn and bond like we USE to years ago. We all actually stay kinda far from each other but i was happy that many of them showed up. thank you so much houseparty and ancestry. just wanted to share that this is a day i will NEVER forget!
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Mariaalmost 4 years ago
My guests were in awe at the results.
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Lunaabout 2 months ago
Would love to have a chance to host this.
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wlw2662over 2 years ago
I really want to have an Ancestry party. I hope this opportunity comes again!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kimberlyover 3 years ago
My mom was able to take advantage of the discount code back in July that I received for being a host and she just recently sent her AncestryDNA test off and we are anxiously awaiting the results to see how they compare with mine and also what they will help me and her discover thank you so much again for picking me to host because this party for me has been life changing :0)
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bethany_mccoyalmost 4 years ago
I had an unfortunate family situation occur the week of my originally scheduled party and have had to reschedule to a later date. However, I have been able to share my results with several of my family members- many of which were quite surprised. I would love to be able to have some of my siblings take the test to see how they varied. I look forward to sharing with my friends in the next few weeks!
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Nicole Palmost 4 years ago
Received my results yesterday, not too surprised about the mix. We had a prior obligation that prevented us from holding the party on the 7th and being that we live in a small town, pretty much everyone would have missed it. We're in the middle of moving and can't wait until we're settled in a week or so, that lets us invite everyone and really get into the details. I'm actually a little floored right now, our main goal in doing the DNA was to find out more about my grandmother's father. Info that we had hoped was right is probably not. The surname Dougherty matched but the DNA is saying that we're probably in the first cousin range. Which would make sense considering that my great-grandfather is the grandfather to the other person. I really never would have dreamed that it would have found something so close like that. I just hope that there is correct information between the two of us!