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Party Day will be September 29th, 2018

1850™ Brand Coffee is available at Target and is crafted especially for modern-day trailblazers like you and your friends! Get your Keurig® brewer ready and invite your friends over to show them the range of medium to dark roasts that this delicious coffee from the makers of Folgers® Coffee delivers.

1850™ Brand Coffee is made with fire-roasted, steel-cut, 100% Arabica coffee beans to help bring out rich taste and aroma. Everybody will have a great time with the fun Party Pack goodies and will love tasting how 1850™ Brand Coffee has the flavor they enjoy in a coffee that will feed the fire for trailblazers of today. Pick them up at your local Target today!

This event is only open to residents of the contiguous US.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • 1850™ Brand Coffee K-Cup® Pods
  • 1850™ Tote Bag
  • 1850™ Block Stacking Game

©/TM/® The Folger Coffee Company. Keurig, K-Cup, and the K logo are trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., used with permission.

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Song M22 minutes ago
Trailblazer sounds awesome
User headshot
Cory39 minutes ago
Would love love love to try the Trailblazer roast!!
User headshot
Amanda Mabout 1 hour ago
Trailblazer sounds like a good fit for me being a medium blend with nut and caramel notes. I can’t wait to be a trailblazer in my day!!!
User headshot
shortykiloughabout 1 hour ago
1850 baby
User headshot
phelmar84about 1 hour ago
I am most excited to try the Black Gold Dark Roast. Knowing i'll be able to taste dark cocoa in every sip sounds so perfect!
User headshot
twinsmommie025 minutes ago
Wow I think I need to try out trailerblazer and black gold. Just the sound of chocolately undertones had me say Hello
User headshot
Destiney J24 minutes ago
Lantern Glow
User headshot
Michelle Nabout 1 hour ago
All my friend will love it
User headshot
TAMMY Babout 1 hour ago
i am excited to try Trailblazer ground coffee. I love medium dark roast the best.
User headshot
Michelle Mabout 1 hour ago
they all sound good but trailblazer would be the first I try. Black and gold would be great to make cold brew from!