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Stay fresh and confident with Poise® pads and liners. They're designed specifically for bladder leaks, keeping you dry, comfortable, and protected.

Health & wellness
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Ella Y1 day ago
I love them I really need it for my bladder leaks
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Diane S2 days ago
i like the way they fit to my every move
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Pam K2 days ago
Would love to try for all my bladder leaks , like when I sneeze or laugh they would be perfect for me
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Sarah M3 days ago
I'm hoping that these will help give me some confidence back without the worry of a twisted, bulky pad. Glad I found this community
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Heather S4 days ago
These would be amazing to try! I recently just started having bladder leakage so I've never really had experience with which pads would work well! I honestly didn't even know they had pads for bladder leakage I usually just used pads for my period! I know many of my other friends and mom friends have talked about bladder leakage as well! I'm sure this would be an amazing opportunity for them to try them too!
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Martha T5 days ago
These are the absolute best product out there!
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Ina-Ruth Tabout 2 months ago
I have used these pads for years! They are comfortable and I always feel very confident when wearing them.
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Pamela R2 months ago
I cant review these because ive never been able to purchase them . COVID 19 has me on an extremely tight budget due to being laid off indefinitely. I really could use a free sample pack of this.. because i suffer from unbelievable bladder leakage all day. I have no idea its even happening until its too late. it is so embarrassing.
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Kay M5 months ago
I have been dealing with medical issues from my severe chronic depression that sprung on me 3 years ago... the constant feeling of having to pee, and the very often leaks are so bad.. it’s makes me feel horrible belittled by my own bladder.
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elvenbeads6 months ago
I suffer with several medical issues, so many that I could probably match them to the alphabet. Asthma, chronic pain, tension headaches, chronic migraines, Fibromyalgia, Type 2 diabetes, Patella Femoral Tracking Syndrome, Patella Femoral Pain Disorder, Rheumatoid Arthritis to so much more... The spinal damage I have after a fall in 2002 created bladder issues. But it's the fibromyalgia that made it became Over-Active Bladder and required a prescription medication. These pads are amazing.
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