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Now part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection and the prestigious National Film Registry, Disney’s animated classic Cinderella is beloved by generations of fans for its timeless story, unforgettable characters and iconic artistry. Share the magic as kind and hardworking Cinderella is rewarded with an enchanted evening at the Royal Ball. It just takes the help of her loyal animal friends Jaq and Gus, a wave of her Fairy Godmother’s wand and some “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.” But when the clock strikes midnight and the spell is broken, only a single glass slipper holds the key to Cinderella’s happily ever after. Celebrate the legacy of Disney’s classic animation in Cinderella, where dreams really do come true!

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elvenbeadsabout 2 months ago
I have loved Disney movies for more than 46 years. Much of our huge collection of movies, half of them are Disney. I like the Disney + and Disney Movie club. I have enjoyed all of the ways Disney entertains us.
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Lisa W3 months ago
One of my favorite Disney princesses!! We are preparing our 1 yr olds room and Im using a Cinderella theme!! Im always looking for anything Cinderella for decorations! Although, I do wish that I could just "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" it and have a beautiful princess room for her! Lol
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Rebecca W4 months ago
My all time favorite since I was a little girl. It’s a classic and always will be. Don’t forget to give Lucifer his bath!!
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Sara G4 months ago
I'm a Disney girl all the way! Even though Ariel is my fav, I still love Cinderella.
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Carol B5 months ago
One of my favorites growing up!! Can't wait to watch it with my little girl!
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Cecily L5 months ago
Cinderella: where would we be without it?
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Brandi H7 months ago
One of my favorite Disney movies! I need to get this for my daughter!
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Angela B7 months ago
GusGus is one of my all time favorite Disney characters. Disney creators did a great job giving that little guy a big personality.
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Shenia C8 months ago
I am the biggest fan of all the Disney movies BUT all girls are looking for Prince Charming ! Blessed I found mine!
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FATIMA R8 months ago
i missed luke (cameron boyce) Descendants 👑💗💜*-*
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