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ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials

New ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials toothpastes are full of essential ingredients that deep clean, neutralize acids and whiten teeth. For a naturally effective clean – no compromises.

Harnessing the power of 100% Natural Baking Soda, Essentials toothpastes work differently to give you a better way to brush:

  • Remove more plaque around the gumline than a non-baking soda toothpaste
  • Gently lift and remove surface stains for a more beautiful smile
  • Effectively neutralize harmful plaque acids that weaken and erode enamel
  • Clean and remove plaque safely to help prevent enamel damage
Health & wellness
User headshot
missypoozabout 13 hours ago
Stay well all!!!
User headshot
Leta S2 days ago
I so hope I get chosen for this! Live me some arm and hammer!
User headshot
Valerie K7 days ago
I love Arm and Hammer products!! I have almost everything from tooth paste to cat litter!! Would love to try the new toothpaste products!!
User headshot
zchodad7 days ago
I would love to have the opportunity to try the new ones!
User headshot
Jennifer B13 days ago
The taste is fresh and the clean is real!.. Have used and recommended to several others that are now using it over their ,what use to be favorite, which Armv& Hamner has now replaced!
User headshot
Andrea R14 days ago
I love this brand. I have been using the advanced whitening for years. I can wait to try the new products.
User headshot
Patricia J14 days ago
Yes! NEW ! Would love to try out!
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Roxy S21 days ago
Love the ingredients
I love that this new line of products is cleaner, free of harsh chemicals, and also leaves my teeth feeling clean. I did not notice any difference in the color of my teeth after using it, but I might just have to give it more time. I did enjoy the taste and the freshness that lasts for a few hours.
User headshot
Roxy S21 days ago
My teeth seem to be a little whiter
I did not have high expectations from this product because I have tried other similar products and I could not see the difference. This toothpaste, however, seems to do the job. My teeth seem to be more white than they were before using this, so there are positive results even after a few uses.
User headshot
Roxy S21 days ago
Great taste
I enjoyed the taste of this new product. It has just enough minty flavor not to be too strong. A little bit goes a long way, so no need to be wasteful with toothpaste. It leaves my teeth feeling squeaky clean and my gums feel healthy as well. I prefer using products that contain more natural ingredients and this product is proof that they work just as good as other products that might contain artificial ingredients.
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